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1.) this has nothing to do with retail.
2.) that message isn't even in the same ballpark as what Westbrook would post
3.) again with Christian bashing? Maybe I should find pictures of things that the craziest 1% of atheists say. Because that is exactly what you are doing with crap like this!


Harmony ate those who think I guess


James: I'm guessing dementia has set in in her old age.


Yeah...WBC is a whole level unto it's own. 99% of other churches...and Christians in general...find them absolutely appalling. There are thousands of Baptist churches and none of them are at all like WBC.
In fact, I doubt that WBC is even a church or christian, it's just a ruse to hide behind religion to get away with their behavior.
True, the message on the sign is a bit inflammatory and closed minded...but is in no way as bad as something WBC would say.
I doubt the KKK would give this sign a second glance.
I sorta doubt the sign is 100% real anyway.

Just cause it's a Baptist church down't mean it's anything like WBC and photoshop can be very deceptive.


Ahh, satire and snark is lost on some people.


James and Ted that's what happens when you let a senior citizen run the show. Did you see the flooding of out of place item pics?

Hellbound Alleee

Ilia, this is fine.

If someone says they are Christian. I don't care how much another Christian disagrees with them: as long as they believe in the divinity of Jesus and his ascension, they are Christian. What is really arrogant are those Christians who've decided that they are the "true" Christians, and everyone else is mistaken.

You've decided to endorse that book. You can't control what others do with it. As an atheist whose read that book you endorse, the WBC and churches like these are adhering to the book just fine.

Instead of getting up in arms every time someone criticizes a church for being too adherent to that awful book you both base your beliefs on, go yell at the churches who you think misinterpret that book. Go tell THEM that they aren't being "true Christians," and that you are the ones who represent Christ, not them.

Because bullshit's gonna get laughed at, whether you whine about it or not. Sorry other Christians embarrass you, but that's not our problem.

BTW, there are plenty of "good Christians" who laugh and poke fun at stupid church signs. Are they not "true Christians" either?


Living with the Westboro's as my neighbors and co-workers, I love the way people assume things and talk about them. They're just silly attention whores and this was funny. Freddy can we please get the trolls off here?


Satire and snark have their place Illia. On your facebook page. This is not retail related, and as such makes you look more like a troll, the internet equivalent of the crusty.

You have my sympathies.


This has nothing to do with retail. It's better suited to someone's Facebook or personal blog.

Crazy Cashier

On first glance that saying can be very very easy to take the wrong way.
But for those who think about it and know Christian beliefs , it could mean something different.
( I"m not gonna pretend I know for sure which way it is suppose to mean.)
It could be meaning instead of being "free" (just saying whatever pops in your head, thinking bad thoughts etc) , controlling your thoughts such as ; don't think hateful things, don't be jealous of other people, acting in love , that sort of thing.

Also I don't see any proof this is a WBC , just because it's Baptist doesn't mean they are at all associated with them.


What's funny here is how accurate this statement is to all religion, not just one in particular. I see WBC mentioned here as a show of "bad christians" when they follow the 2000 year old book more accuratly than any other christian group I have ever heard of. You know how most atheists get from being christians to being atheist? They actually read the bible. Most christians have never read the whole book at least not the rational ones. To be fair I stopped reading the begatting part about half way through, way too many 500+ year olds for me to bother.


Haha, that's funny because that's pretty much how I got there too. Was already agnostic after having explored all the denominations my friends' families belonged to, had a "bible as literature" unit my freshman year of college, read the whole thing (except for, yes, the reams of "begat"s), and said to myself, right then, this is a great storybook but I certainly don't believe in any of it. Poof! Atheist ever since.

This pic still doesn't have anything to do with retail, though. Oh well.

The Last Archimedean

Funny, I don't remember THAT quote in the Bible...

It's this kind of junk that turned me away from religion.


Oh, a new fast food restaurant called Harmony Baptist Church. No wait, maybe it's a sit-down restaurant. Clothing shop? General retailer?

Oh, none of the above...at all...

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