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I must have DMV luck. Longest I ever waited was...10 minutes - not including my driving test(s). [Failed the first time, woops! Thought the curb looked lonely.]

Sucks that he got special service. And said all that. Entitled peoples will always remain entitled, I guess.


Your response to "we're all equal at the DMV" should have been "Then the line starts back there." Seriously, these people need to be called out on their bullshit more often. They work for us, not the other way around.


I'm confused, why aren't you calling him out by name?

5 Star Slave

Send an anonymous tip to your local newspaper. They'll have a fuckin field day with it!


I'm with 5 Star Slave, if the paper around here got whiff of it they'd run so far and so fast with it he'd wish he hadn't done it in the first place :D That kind of political "I'm better than you" B.S is GOLD for journalists. At least the ones around here...


Seems like it depends on the DMV. I've had to wait at my local DMV in Podunk, Texas and it's probably 30 minutes in and out. I attempted to renew my license in Houston several times, but after the fourth time I drove by two hours before they opened and saw the line wrapping around the building I said "Fuck it" and just took care of it when I was visiting my folks back in Podunk. I also lived in New Orleans for a while, and not only was I only in there an hour, but I walked out with my new license in hand instead of waiting four to six weeks to have it mailed to me like I'm used to. *shrug*


DMVs do vary. When I first moved into this area, I went to the local DMV, and was pleasantly surprised - very few people, lines moved swiftly, etc.

Ten years later, it's rather more of a zoo. Lines outside the door, rows of chairs full of people crowded atop each other, numbers being called that don't even have the same number of digits as mine...

I suspect the DMV didn't keep up with the development and growing population. In fact, it probably got worse, because now they have an armed security guard who costs as least as much as another clerk, yet does absolutely nothing useful.

I do everything I can at the DMV area of the AAA. Best investment I ever made, that little AAA card.



Well once you get your stuff taken care of send an anonymous tip to a local newspaper or news channel. Include as many names as you can.

The Last Archimedean

I rearranged my work schedule to go to the DMV at 10 a.m on a random Tuesday. I only had to wait in line for 20 minutes before getting helped, unlike the usual 2 hours.

Worth the hassle of reorganizing my sechdule, for sure.


Yeah please put the word out to your local paper or news station when you get your buisiness dealt with.

I always find that it's well worth it to make an appointment for the DMV it cuts wait time down to like a tenth of the time if you just walk in.

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