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It looks like he cut in the middle and then put it back together! :O


Looks to me like someone needs to grow up and eat their damned sandwich. With everything else going on in the world, you're worried about a sandwich being a little short? This person has WAY too much time on their hands.

Banned Guy

While i have to agree with twit, that the sandwich looks like it was cut in the middle, i'll ask Umr: What the hell? Sure, it's a small thing, but simply saying that he has way too much time on his hands if he complains about something like this is kinda... Douchey.
It's like telling someone "Oh, you don't want it because this is not the thing you paid for? There are people out there starving, you know? How can you be so heartless?"
Seriously, Umr. Drop the Holier than thou atitude.


Hate to say it, but the curve of the lunchmeat matches up. And since Subway advertises their subs by length, then yes this is a case of false advertising if it isn't a hoax.

The Last Archimedean

Really, so it's 11 inches instead of 12... WHO GIVES A &^%&^%^$? Just eat the dawggone sandwich.


All I can say is if I pay for 12 inches I want 12 inches.

Office Slave

I saw a news article about this. Subway said that it was 11" because the store didn't cook the bread right. Something about after it being thawed, you need to pull it before baking. Here is a link to the news story: http://www.watoday.com.au/digital-life/digital-life-news/every-inch-counts-subway-fails-to-measure-up-20130117-2curt.html


Of course the sub was cut in the middle. That's what they do at Subway, right before they wrap it up.


Here in Oz Subway cut all their foot-longs in half for easy eating. I just assumed this was the norm...


It really is a frivolous thing to be upset about.

The Worst

I'm with Jennifer on this one: if I pay for 12 inches, I want 12 inches. Otherwise, just charge me for 11 inches if that's what I'm getting.


Someone has to say this:

"That's what she said!"

Okayokayokay, I'll stop now.



His complaint lead to them realizing there was a flaw in the stores method. Seems like it was worth doing IMHO.


Another possibility to consider: sandwich might have been squished a bit. Happens all the time to me when I get mine to go. Carrying it vertically in a bag will do that. Just sayin'.

Also I would think this is more just for the lols than a serious complaint.


It's bread. Evidently the person griping has never made bread. it's impossible to get a bread roll precisely sized every time unless you're cooking it in a mold or something.

You can have precisely the same amount of dough for two different loafs, and get rather different sizes depending on where it's placed, how much it rises, which part of the oven it's baked in, etc.

Unless those complaining suggest that Subway waste food and throw out every imperfect loaf (I seriously hope not, that kind of waste is disgusting and evil), there's not anything that can be done about the size variation.

It's like cereal that settles in the box, so I guess subway should what, market by the weight of the bread to make such idiots happy?

Are there seriously people out there who are that ignorant as to how food is made? I mean, granted, most of the stuff I eat is instant or comes from a can, but it would seem like common sense knowledge that there's guaranteed size variation for a loaf of bread.


I'm reminded of the Whammy Burger scene in Falling Down...

NC Tony

To quote the DJ's on the morning radio show here in Charlotte. "Is there seriously nothing else going on in the world that now people are complaining about a damn sandwich?"


Breezie: Here they have the full length bread and only cut it for six inch, that's why I said that! But yeah it does look like it matches. Even if it's not the end of the world, it is kinda annoying when you pay for something..

Michael Chandra

Except that according to the reactions of people and the response of the company, the issue is that the bread was supposed to be pulled into shape properly after thawing and before cooking. You get the same amount of bread and nearly-the-same amount of food.


Exactly what Micheal said, except you ARE getting the same amount of bread, and you ARE getting the same amount of toppings. Subway bases their toppings on a static formula for the various sizes of sandwiches. That extra inch? All air created by yeast in the rising process. The meat and cheese is the same, and depending on who makes your sandwich, the vegetables might be too. What he should have complained about was the under-cooked bread.


What I wanna know is what drove this person to pull out the tape measure and measure the bread? I mean, most normal folks don't do that lol


@candieaddict, there's some people who can measure fairly accurately with their eye, I can tell when something's not 1 metre just by looking. Couldn't tell you how much it's off by but I can tell you where the metre should stop.

Govy Bitch

Geez, some peeps have way too much time on their hands. Measuring a sub? WTF? Someone needs to get a damn job and life.

Queer Geek

It's a fucking sandwich! Get over it people!


Yeah how dare he complain about being shorted. None of my exes have ever said anything! Wait never mind that last part.

Womens Retail Slave

I agree, its a fucking sandwich. You get the same 6 slices of meat whether its on 10 inch 11 inch or 12 inch bread. You get the same crappy service (most subways, although there are a few). He explains that he's been eating there so long that all these missing inches equal up to entire subs being lost. If the worst thing you are worried about is the equality of missing inches equaling a entire sub, you sir, have some problems.

Womens Retail Slave

P.S. love the nickname Pedantic Twit. Everytime I see that word my brain reverts back to a Family Guy episode..

I agree, shallow and pedantic.

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