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I wonder how many people actually pay for those questions, and how many bitch about the charge, and how many ask anyway...and if they actually charge them.


I figure the reason for that price list involves a rather large sign on map in the immediate area. Complete with glowing lights.

Bored at the Bookstore

Oh, I've ALWAYS wanted to do something like this! There are sixteen shops in our plaza: guess where all the lost souls come for directions? The barber? The deli? The beauty shop? The pizza joint? Of course not! The book store!!! People who work in a book store know everything, right?

And they're flabbergasted when they ask, "Where's Idunno Lane?" and I respond, "Darned if I know - I only work in this town."

I do however, know the directions to Rte. 95, Rte. 1, the soccer fields, the high school, and the Post Office/police station/firehouse/town hall!

I usually look up the destination online for them, though, if they're nice about it. But I could add significantly to our net profit if I charged a little $ for directions!

(Incidentally - we used to sell maps; but we gave that up because no one would buy one.)

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