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CLASSIC!!!!! You sound like my wife.


... I think I'm in love. Totally far away, not creepy at all, 'you're awesome and we should hang out' love.


BRAVO!! St. Jerome would be proud (I'm sure there must be a saint by that name somewhere. :)

I have an old Benz as well, although mine's not very cool (she's old enough to drink, and looks like she has been) and she's a right pig to drive in the slippery stuff. Sometimes the rear wheels just go off and do their own thing...

Skritch the cats from me,


Luci F

You had this pegasister at the MLP references. Great story! Sounds like you have a great work environment- great boss and coworkers.

Book Baby



I have to admit, once you said her name, I read all of your quotes (and most of the rest of your post) up to "Translated y'all's good advice into 'religious rich-bitch' language? Yeah, pretty much. Us Yankees speak 'stupid' a lot clearer than folks down here." in Rarity's voice. That part I read in Applejack's. Seriously, though, what a way to tell that uppity bitch, and great job on getting some much-needed supplies for the local shelter. Fluttershy would be proud. *brohoof*


I'm so glad to see how many bronies/pegasisters are on here! Anybody have the app? I need more heart stones to get Scootaloo. ;-;

Also, side note, I'm glad you referenced Big Mac, as I actually have cosplayed him a couple of times.


I am suffering from a serious case of hero worship here.

Bored at the Bookstore

Great story!

I'm not Catholic, either (but raised in a Catholic neighborhood), but I do happen to know that St. Jerome is the patron saint of booksellers, librarians, encyclopedists, and translators... And the patron saint of animals would probably be St. Francis of Assisi, who would greatly appreciate the donation to the animal shelter. "Father Patrick" slipped up there... the lady was evidently one of those who SAY they're religious, show it by outward means, but don't really know much.

I am sure both saints were happy that, with any luck, the lady got back to the hotel without killing herself, or anyone else, AND benefited the animal shelter at the same time.

Good job! Quick-thinking friends like you are hard to find.


Way to go! You were a lot nicer to Rich Bitch than I would have been. :-)


Girl, you had me at "black cats are GOOD luck"!


You are made of 100% pure, Grade A, Awesome Sauce. Bottle it up and sell it!


Oh my pegasister, I freaking love you! Be my very special somepony!


You had me at your love of the kitties and extremely clever way of settling the situation, but finding you're a fellow pegasister as well is icing on top of the "hi do you wanna be my friend?" cake! /)

Here's hoping the good karma you conspired to get her rubs off on you as well. =)

NC Tony

Sounds to me like you were channeling The Mighty Thrognar (Yeah, he's still around... The Mighty Thrognar is ALWAYS around), finding a way to settle things without smacking the stupid out of this woman.

5 Star Slave

Seconding everyone's exclamations of awesomeness, but also wanted to say you are an excellent writer! You should consider writing a book or at least some short stories :)

Queer Geek

Amazeballs story! I'm Catholic (well agnositic now) and I loved how you handled this difficult custy. For someone entitled, I would have let this woman rot in the snow if she started pulling her antics with me!


Well played!


You are fucking awesome. *applauds*


Well written of course one would expect that of a former grifter lol. I have to say that was excellently done dealing with the lady without yelling and getting a local charity some much needed help. On a side note are there really people out there who dislike black cats? I honestly thought that went out with the whole burn the witch thing.


Superb! Win win win!

Michael Chandra

Skittles, turns out black cats really get adopted far less than others out of the shelters.



Proud owner of twin black kitties. We panic and keep them inside on Halloween because there's all sorts of crazy drunken college and high school kids around who couldn't give a rat's ass and would love to run them down or beat them. Less true superstition and more "hurrhurr black cats let's kill them for shits and giggles".

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