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I cant judge The picture from The dog because i have no experience with dogs but The Description of The cat is absolutely right.

The Last Archimedean

With cats, you have to be careful how you hold your hand.

Cupped = good. Flat palm = threatening. And move slowly.

But when the cat curls up against you and starts purring contentedly, the effort is worth it.


There is a lack of puppy love on this site. Dogs are AWESOME!!!! Plus they always love you hence the "awesome" whenever they are touched.


Dogs have owners, cats have staff.


Some dogs don't like being petted on their heads because it can be a dominating gesture.

The cat opposite is true of cats though. Having always had dogs, that took some getting used to when I got a cat. Otherwise these seem true. I pet my cat's stomach and she instantly bites my hand.



I may have a cat, but still totally do not get people who are "cat people."
I don't understand what that saying means.
Another popular one I don't see at all is the claim that cats are more emotionally intelligent.


My cats actually love belly rubs.

My cats are weird.


My cat loves the Nope section, which I would never have figured out if my husband, who knows nothing about cats, started rubbing him roughly there because "What? The dog likes it. Why are you counting my fingers?"


My cat is an attention-whore that loves being petted anywhere.... He must be a dog in disguise.


There's another "Hell yes" zone on the cat -- the nose & forehead. Slow steady strokes from mid-nose up to the ear-line will get you purrs and quite possibly some drool.

(This also works on dogs and babies.)

Also, ear scritches. Everyone loves ear scritches.


All the areas on the cat should just be ????? because it differs from cat to cat, and moment to moment. My cat right now is fine with being pet anywhere dependant on the time and her level of crazy. Of course she was feral and now lives in my garage and outside so I regularly have to check her for vermin and burrs and whatnot.

Womens Retail Slave

My cats must be exception to the rules or maybe they are brain cell challenged. To me, I am their mom. They like getting their hair pulled, tummies rubbed, all that jazz. Sometimes they even are purring so hard they start to drool, which is gross because they do the whole "head shake" and send kitty drool everywhere.


Must be drawn by a dog lover because no cat lover would forget the UnderTheChinFuckYeah spot

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