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Wow that is nuts. Yeah my rule of thumb is do not get involved in anyone elses relationship. Sure listen to their complaints and comsirate but don't get involved. Not sure if there is any good way of dealing with Posey other than to cut her brakelines though. I hate people like that.

NC Tony

You could always turn the tables on her, get together with your co workers and start making her life miserable. See if you can drive her to quit. If everybody hates her as much as you say they do, then it should be no problem to get everyone to turn on her, especially since you've got the numbers advantage. One of the best ways to do this of course is talk to her only when you have to, responding to her with as few words as possible, and making sure you keep all personal conversations to a minimum around her (or on the flip side, make up outrageous comments around her just to see what happens).

There is of course the ritual to summon the Mighty Thrognar.


I wonder if *she* actually wants to get with him and is hoping by showing how desirable he is to others, that he'll just become enamored with her...or something.

Queer Geek

Is this a commissionable based position because it sounds strangely familiar to Big Fancy, Sucks Bilk Avenue, Needless Mark-up and Doomingdales?

Anyway, there's not much you can do with Posey. If she's protected by FMLA, then you're pretty much screwed. Obviously, HR and the management team refuse to deal with her so what I found that works the best is ignoring insane people like that. If everyone gives this crazy bitch the cold shoulder and refuses to speak or acknowledge her presence, then you might be able to drive her insane enough to quit.

She can't get the whole store fired if everyone ostracizes her.


I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think meddling in someone else's love life, like trying to set them up with dates is covered under sexual harassment. It may be worth looking into if she is that much of a pain. Her nervous condition maybe protected under FMLA, but harassment isn't. I would try that route.

The Last Archimedean

I'd go with you and all your co-workers giving her the silent treatment. She'll quit within a month. And the best part is she can't even complain: not talking [unless it's absolutely needed] to co-workers on shift is professional behavior. I personally hate when I'm shopping and need help and see employees gossiping.

Without Nametag

Sadly friends, though most of her regular coworkers have stopped talking to her outside of store business, this woman has continued her employment for several years. It doesn't seem to phase her at all.
@NC Tony: That's hilarious! I never thought of feeding her false information! :D
@Spritzy: Dear Thrognar, that's terrifying.
@QG: Similar kind of establishment, but no commission. She just seems to be sharky for the fun of it >.<
@Perky: THAT is exactly why I told GG to go to his manger or HR. But he was mortified at the thought, and being of the "don't rock the boat" variety, he kept his mouth shut. I was willing to go myself, but he asked me not to. Wish I had.
Thanks for letting me commiserate, guys :)

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