Retail Hell Underground: Intown Ace Hardware, Local Mom-And-Pop Store, Outmaneuvers Home Depot To Survive

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"Home Depot even sends customers to him when they need a special part or have a specialized home repair problem."

Wow, that's quite impressive. Good for him, and good on HD for realizing their shortcomings and sending folks to a local place that needs the business more than they do instead of trying to compete and push him aside.

The Last Archimedean

Talk about making lemons into lemonade. This shows what you can do with outside-the-box[-store] thinking.

I hope he triples his business again after Wal-Mart opens up.


As someone working toward a business degree, I get absolutely ecstatic when I see small businesses working so brilliantly against massive competition. It shows how dedicated and intelligent their managers are when faced with challenge- going out of their way to scope a giant out and then alter their own business plan as a way to counter it. It gives me hope for the future of entrepreneurship.


That is so much better than the typical bitter story I hear. I'm rooting for this guy.


Kudos to him.

When I worked Toy Dept. at Walmart years back, I tried to keep an eye on what other smaller stores had in the way of games and toys. If we didn't carry it, I was able to recommend local stores that did. Great that HD is helpful in that manner. Hope he's able to win against the gorilla as well.

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