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On first glance, yeah, this sounds absolutely ridiculous.

But, BUT, in light of recent events -- hell, in light of events going all the way back to Charles Whitman and his clock tower -- even the appearance of a threat of violence needs to be taken seriously, regardless of the age of the offender. For a young child, it would be appropriate to take her aside and explain that XYZ is not appropriate behavior, don't do it again, and to confiscate the "toy".

No, I don't believe in giving children "toy" guns, as it only promotes the fantasy that guns are this magickal device that will keep you safe.

Michael Chandra

Taking her aside is one thing, but interrogating her for 3 hours and suspending her for 10 days, all without talking to the parents?


Uhmn..it's a bubblegun. Threatening to shoot someone with a bubblegun? I'd have to know more about the context and what she said before I could even determine if they were talking about a game or actually threatening any violence.

The Last Archimedean

The part I have the biggest problem with is questioning her for 3 hours without her parents being there. Even the police aren't allowed to do that to a child that age.


Its sad that this little kid got the idea that jokingly saying things about shooting people then herself would be okay (I'm going to take a risk and blame the sensationalism news gave the shootings on this) but seriously? The school seriously overreacted. And I think they deserve any coming lawsuits over this. My big thing is they questioned her for THREE HOURS? And no one thought to call her damn parents? For f***s sake I brought a pocket knife to middle school once (on accident) and I only got questioned for probably no more than one hour, my parents were called immediately, and I was suspended for ONE WEEK.
These are elementary school kids, they're hardly a threat.

Queer Geek

Good Lord! Have we lost our common sense? We're talking about a bubble gun here not a real one! Plus kids say the dumbest things. I've worked in the school system and grade school kids say things like "killing" and "dying". Are these threats terrorist attacks or pose any danger? It depends on how disturbed the child is but as a school employee, you can squelch such language by sitting a kid down and explaining what can is appropriate and not appropriate language is school. (Yes, I know falls under parenting but teachers now are given that role. Believe me I know and that's why I'm no longer in the profession.)

Anyway, grilling a kid for three hours is ridiculous! I think we have more important things to worry about than bubble guns like thorough background checks of pedophiles infiltrating schools and educational reform that works on all levels where a kid can feel safe and get a good education. All the people involved with this situation need to be demoted because obviously, they have no idea how to run a school.


*sigh* Ever since the ZT policy was put in place all common sense has fled the school and its officials. Dollars to donuts this girl was not making a threat and was simply talking about wanting to play with her TOY(harmless at that)with her friend.

On the last part of the article referring to school police being federally funded I am ALL for that. My high school had officers on campus as well as the hall monitors(was a very good school) and they were armed.

Bitch Boy


If my son went to school there I'd immediately take him out and home school him.


NC Tony

If school officials grilled my son for three hours without my knowledge my wife would be forced to hold me back from wrapping my hands around someone's throat or at least not to threaten to get anyone fired. Plus she's FIVE YEARS OLD! Kids that young don't have the filter in their brain that tells them "Maybe I shouldn't say this". I hope they win their lawsuit and get their public apology, and not some bullshit apology where they apologize for getting caught, but an actual apology that contains the words "We're sorry for all the problems we caused this girl and her family."

The Worst

Since when does Zero Tolerance mean "We can stop using our brains"? If this happened to my niece, heads would be rolling at her school. And I say this as someone who works AT A SCHOOL.


A three hour interrogation of a 5 year old? The people responsible for that need to look for a new line of work, as they clearly aren't competent for the one they are in now.


Yeah this needs to be investigated by the child welfare department, and the school needs to be facing a lawsuit. Questioning any child for 3 hours without parental presence is not okay age has nothing to do with that. Too top it all off this is a five year old with a bubble gun. It. Shoots. Bubbles. For. Fucks. Sake.

@WMDKitty Seriously all that crap you are saying about guns is ridiculous unfounded and untrue. Guns are tools they need an operator to be used or misused. People are sometimes bugfuck crazy and broken, the world isn't always safe. Running around with protective foam and duct tape won't make it safe. A far more effective way of teaching kids about guns is to teach them how to shoot and take them to a range to pop off a couple of .22 rounds. Showing them the reality of a gun will teach them how scary they really are. However if the kid can't tell the difference between a toy gun and a real gun there a lot of bigger problems there. Like the depending upon the age maybe therapy and medication problems.

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