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Funny, that's what I suggested we do with A Million Little Pieces and instead they put that POS in the biographies instead of the 300s where it had been.


I don't know...this strikes me as being on the same level as "Freedom Fries."
Petty, impotent, and serves little purpose besides making people feel superior to someone they've never met.

Book Baby

I dunno. We have "Psychic Angel Children" in the 19900s instead of FICTION where it belongs.

The Last Archimedean

OK, now that's just plain funny.

I can think of a few other things that need to be moved to the fiction section, too.


No, it's petty and stupid. And the reason "Psychic Angel Children" isn't fiction is because it wasn't written to be fiction. Neither are these works about/by Lance Armstrong. If you had old, outdated medical texts from two hundred years ago they wouldn't be considered fiction. They are considered historical documents.

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