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Book Baby

Those punks should be made to repaint and repair everything they messed up. the, send them MY way. I will whip their butts and send them whining home to their Mamas, who SHOULD have done this in the FIRST place!


His family don't understand how being a veteran prompts people to help him? That's odd.


Yes I agree, - why don't they do his lawn and house work for the next year? If that was my kid, he would be an indentured servant for that man until he passes.


I live in Houston and this just chaps my hide, kids these days just have no regards for anything. If I were in a better position in life and had the funds, i sure as hell would have been there and took care of everything and enjoy the company of a new friend.


These kids need something to occupy their time.

A few weeks of work around his house should suffice.

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