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These photos with one item out of place weren't interesting, and are only getting worse.


Freddy photographed them and sent them to the RHU submission email that I frequently check in order to get stories onto the site, which I took to mean that he wanted them posted to the site. *shrug*


They're more commonly known as "Customer Rejects" Sometimes we will find things that are amusingly out of place...like deodorant in the cookie isle or a case of beer on a "WIC approved" shelf.


A case of beer on the WIC approved shelf is actually amusing. Maybe I'm not in the mood for finding one tomato in a bin of onions amusing at the moment but maybe try sprinkling these around a little more instead of a sudden deluge of them.


Post them if you want, but for the love of God space it out a bit.


I see one tomato hanging with the onions and I am inspired to make spaghetti, not write a story. Guess I'm not creative enough. I appriciate these photos as they illustrate one of my pet peeves, people putting shit wherever they happen to be instead of back where it goes.

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