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I giggle now about it because ive settled down.

Apparently I can take the crazyness directed at me but when you start going on about people I love it is like a switch.


Whoo hoo! Congrats Nubbinz! You were probably calmer than I would have been... >.>

Hellbound Alleee

I agree-I often fume when someone I love is involved, too. That IS a button to push.

I think that Christians are often trained to think that this kind of language is good and helpful and comforting. But sometimes it's absolutely insulting. You have to know that the other person is basically the same religion as you. They should remember to think outwardly instead of parroting a slogan, or how saying that kind of nonsense will get them brownie points in heaven. Just offer your condolences, say "that sucks, I'm sorry," offer some concrete help, and move on.


I'm the same way. Say whatever you want about me for the most part and I can laugh it off, but cheezus help you if you start in on friends and family.


To quote Bill Engvall(sp?)
"When I woke up this morning, I didn't want to be a jackass... You just pushed my jackass button!"

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