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Yeah, we've been discussing this over on FA -- the general consensus, minus a few Libertarian assholes, is that the pastor is a giant douchenozzle, and well-deserving of a (figurative) kick in the ass.

We also are discussing the RI flower shop that refused to deliver flowers to Jessica Ahlquist based on her (lack of) religion. Again, with the Liberturds going on about teh Fwee Market like it's some kind of magickal panacea for discrimination against minority groups. (You know, because we all saw how well that worked in the South, yeah? There's a reason businesses are required by federal law to not discriminate against anyone...)

Banned Guy

“I Give God 10% Why do you Get 18″
That's a good question. And here's a good answer: Because it's written in the friggin menu and also because there's a really good chance that they warned the person who made the reservation, and yet you all chose to eat there despite knowing all that! Douchebag!


You give God 10%? Ah, nope. You might give 10% to the church, but you do not give it to God. Frankly, though, unless they're entirely incompetent, the restaurant staff will have given much better service than God, so a higher tip is entirely appropriate.

Bitch Boy

If you are a Pastor and only giving 10% of yourself to God, then you shouldn't be a Pastor.

Then again, I've been thrown out of churches for questioning their religious "principles".

Larry Berry

I would hope he goes back there again.
"I've been waiting forever, where's my food?"
"Oh it's been ready for a half hour, it's sitting in the window"
"Why didn't you bring it to me when it was ready?"
"Oh, I was expecting god to bring it to you. About time he earned that tip you're giving him instead of me".


Well found this out via the web and a friend's post on the facebook, the server was fired. the pastor(female) has shown some remorse(probably at being exposed), but also at one point called the restaurant to demand that EVERYONE be fired.


Saw the "pastor's" picture, not surprised.


To make things better, after the pastor complained, the waitress who posted this was fired.

Seriously. I think the justification was "violated the customer's privacy" or somesuch.


First of all, Reverend, that's just an excellent example of Christian charity you're setting there!

Secondly, you give God 10%? Seems like a rather small amount. I mean you're a member of the clergy. God is supposed to be well, your life, right?


Update to this story: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/01/31/applebees-fires-waitress-for-exposing-pastors-give-god-10-no-tip-receipt/#.UQsbOf1eKIg.facebook


Saw this originally on I-Am-Bored.com. The person who posted it is not the original waitress. When she showed it to a friend, the friend took a picture and posted it and was later fired for privacy invasion.

The pastor now claims she left a 6$ tip on the table.

The Worst

Not tipping AND now lying about it? That pastor is gonna see a big ol' "Closed" sign on the pearly gates some day.


BTW, They just fired her. :(

Bored at the Bookstore

Ah, if only the poster had blacked out the pastor's name....

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