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Actually, I imagine Liberals don't pay anything there...since once they read that sign they don't patronize that place.

I though conservatives understood capitalism.... trade goods and services for money. Doing these kinds of things based upon personal politics hurt their bottom-line. A true capitalist is happy to sell their goods and services to anyone who will fork over the money.

You just can't fix stupid, I suppose.

The Last Archimedean

How much do Libertarians pay? They forgot that one...

And how are they supposed to know what your political beliefs are anyway?

Banned Guy

What if i'm from another country, and as such never gave much tought about it? Or if i don't vote? Seems like they forgot about quite a few potential customers.
Also, i'm guessing they try to force you to give them your name so they can check your facebook? Seriously, Archimedian did raise a good question.


..What the hell kind of Conservative drinks a smoothie or a juice?

BE AMERICAN! Drink beer or a real milkshake! Damn hippy juicenuts.

Luci F

Because *everyone* fits within one of these 3 labels perfectly. Bah. I'll take my coffee elsewhere, thank you much.


Echoing Archimedean here, how the hay would they even know which you were? Is it on the honor system? Do they demand your voter card? Do you have to submit your bumper stickers for inspection? Is there a charge for standing in the doorway, pointing and laughing at the idiocy?


Does that mean us anarchists get the old 100% discount?


@Eviscerator - LMAO, I was thinking that too. Smoothies are liberal hippie fair!

There is truly no way they'd be able to tell. If you really wanted a smoothie bad enough everyone would just tell them they're conservative. However if I were going to buy a smoothie and saw this shit on their sign, they would have lost a sale. So between the alienates liberals and the conservatives who don't drink smoothies anyway, hopefully these jackasses will go out of business soon if they haven't already.

Hellbound Alleee

The real crime here is that they claim all their employees must agree with their politics and spend their off hours supporting their bullcrap causes.

Ted the 'flayer

Archimedea: Since the Libertarian party has been overrun with religious nutbags and pro-business people (the kind that would run the entire economy to the ground just so they could make a couple pennies more), and started supporting white supremecists, they are basically the same as conservatives were 30 years ago. Ron Paul ruined the party as far as I'm concerned.


I wonder how long they stay in bussiness. That type of sign could even drive away some right wing folks, not just left wing ones. It's that offensive.

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