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The Last Archimedean

I'm glad he was able to laugh it off. Some people would have started screaming at you.


Once in a hardware store I found an employee and asked him where to find hose clamps. He pointed to the shelf in front of my nose. Urfle...



In a Fourbucks, I once looked around and then asked where the travel coffee cups were. The girl behind the counter pointed... at the twelve foot tall, twenty foot long set of shelves I was standing next to. I turned in that direction and less than two feet in front of my nose, as well as several shelves in all directions, were the type of cups I was looking for. "Well, how am I supposed to find them when you hide them in plain sight like that?" I tipped 10$ for them not laughing at me until I left.

Jason Thorn

Stay classy, Granpa! Custies with a sense of humor...

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