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Don't blame the poor dog! He thought he was just doing what all dogs do :(


Dogs should not go shopping unless they are anthropomorphic children's book characters.

The Last Archimedean

I've never knocked over an entire display like that. But on those occasions where I knock something over accidentally, I'm immediately apologetic and unless I'm shooed away by the employees I do my best to fix it immediately.

NC Tony

The "lady" who knocked over your giant lite brite: You should have "accidentally" tripped her.


CoG: Exactly! They shouldn't be allowed in stores (and here they are not) but blame the woman, not the dog.. :p


I feel your pain! I was a visual merchandiser for 30 years and saw my share of people trashing my hard work.

The biggest eye roller for me was one day a family of four came in shopping and their kids ran around tearing the store apart. One of the children climbed up a display which was basically a 6X6 pole 12 feet tall with a metal base and shelving attached. The child pulled the pole down on his mother which dropped her to the slate floor. She had a goose egg on her head and a bruise about a foot square on her side. If they had been watching their rugrats, it never would have happened.

Also I used to secretly booby-trap some displays so if someone messed with them they would get poked by pins.

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