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I admire him but that little piece of advice at the end is such utter horse shit. Can we stop asking children for advice in these feel good articles. Realistically for every 1 person who makes it, there are 1,000 equally or more tallented who didn't.


Skittles: That's true, but the best way to gaurantee you won't make it is by not trying. Considering that life is short it's worth trying and working hard, even at something impossible. I'm trying to make it as a writer. Chances are I'll fail. But I'll regret not even trying to make something of it, so here we are.

Anyway. I'm off to feel completely unaccomplished in comparison to this 14 year old.


Anninyn Yeah not talking about giving up just pointing out that it's better to be realistic. For instance if you are trying to be a pro athlete the odds are incredibly stacked against you. So keeping up with your education is important if you don't want to be stuck in a crap job forever, if you don't make it to the pros. Better advice that isn't covered with fairy sparkled bullshit is: try as hard as you can to reach your dreams, but always have a back up plan. Since the drivel from the 14 year old is patently untrue.

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