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Mrs. Lovett

Holy hell! Cuz he's the only one with financial problems! I'm sure the waitstaff and bartenders and everyone else there who relies on tips is just swimming in cash though.

When are people gonna get over themselves and realize that everyone has problems? And most of the time they don't have to look to far to see someone worse off than themselves. If people could pull their heads out of their butts long enough to realize that and want to do something about it, what a great world we could live in!

The Last Archimedean

I'm sure this @.$.$.hole makes a hell of a lot more than $2.13 an hour.

He deserves to be stricken with peripheral neuropathy, and die a slow and VERY painful death.

And he should stop being a prick and start leaving a 20% tip (at least) every time he goes to a sit-down restaurant.


So ... he has money to have these cards printed up ... but no money to leave a tip? ... in a culture where tipping is so much an expectation, the wait-staff will be taxed on their non-existent tips ... what a ... (ummm, is this a family site? OK, can't say what I want to; let's go with ...) ... TWIT.

Oh, yeah, and GOING OUT TO EAT IN THE FIRST PLACE, THAT IS YOUR DISCRETIONARY SPENDING. If you're intending not to tip, in the US, then YOU DON'T GO OUT. I live in the UK, and rarely go to the US, but even I know that! Jackass.


If you're not going to leave a tip... then you suck. If you're going to leave a religious tract, or spew political garbage, or leave any other reason for for not leaving a tip OTHER THAN bad service, then you are going to Retail Hell... and not the cheeky website, either.

Queer Geek

I'd say profile this guy and due to the Obama paying his fair share of taxes that the wait staff provide only half the service meaning make him wait for his food, ignore him the entire time, and screw up his order.


I'd say the next time this shithead walks into the restaurant, leave him with the "new" waitress who's never worked foodservice before and let 'er rip!

NC Tony

Whenever I hear about people like this, I hope (and I know this sounds horrible of me) that one day they wake up and have the absolute worst day of their life which ends with them getting fired from their job and being forced into waiting tables... only to get customers just like them, who leave rude notes and religious tracts instead of tips after running them ragged.


@Mrs. Lovett: He probably doesn't have money problems since he had the money to get these cards printed. He's just a schmuck!

@Madscoutleader: A family site? Sure, it's a family site. In that we're one big angry family of current or former retail slaves. In other words, I wouldn't worry about the occasional swear.


I have a feeling this twaffle of the blue waffle variety(don't look it up) was never a good tipper to begin with and just needed an excuse to leave no tip whatsoever. Wanna bet the bill was almost 3 digits as well?


What a whiny baby..."oh wah-wah I have to pay a higher tax rate which will leave me only horribly wealthy instead of obscenely wealthy! How do they expect me to buy my fourth yacht with this tax hike! My only resort is to stiff my hapless server of $20 so I can just survive!"
And I'm damn glad that they're raising taxes for the wealthier brackets...it's about damn time!


soak his or her toiletpaper with acid.....grrrrr
may he end like King Midas, starved because gold wont feed him


Typical, those who have are stingier than those who don't have.

This is why I'm a socialist. (And Obama isn't even close, for the record)


Oh please, if this ass-wipe had to cut back on his so called discretionary spending then he wouldn't be spending money on going out to eat nor would he be spending money on printing out cards like this. He is just being a jack-wad.


I'm sure everyone involved would rather this guy stay home. If you can't add in the small, insignificant, amount of a tip with your dinner, don't go. If you can afford to go out, you can afford to tip. Doing anything else is just being a douchebag.


I figure if you can afford to eat out, you can afford to leave a tip; if not, stay home and cook. The boyfriend and I always tip 25% unless the server was outrageously horrible. We even tip at buffets for the drinks and plate clearing. After a meal, what's a couple bucks more? It's just the right thing to do.

Mrs. Lovett

So if the U.S.A. ever starts paying servers a living wage (doubt it'll happen) and the restaurant has to raise prices to cover the cost of the wage increases, do you think guys like this will suddenly decide they can't afford to eat out anymore? Doubt it. Oh, they'll rage on about the price increases, but they'll still go because they can afford to pay an extra 20% on top of the current price. They just don't want to.


I love his righteous indignation at having to pay his fair share of taxes. Like only HE shouldn't have to pay his fair share of taxes? Everyone has to pay their fair share of taxes, buddy! Why the hell are you eating out if you're cutting back on discretionary spending, anyway?!

Hellbound Alleee

Wow, he's like some kind of activist! What a way to activate. Screwing other people out of their hard-earned money. Maybe he thinks if he does this enough, all the waitstaff will band together and fire Obama and put a Goddamned White Righteous Christian American into the whitehouse, and send Obama back to Kenya.


While I don't really agree with people who think that 20-25% should be the standard tip, people who leave nothing but excuses should just fuck right off. Hell, I'd rather you leave nothing rather than a poor-me note. Although leaving nothing is still incredibly poor form. I would bet everything I own that that server could've used that money more than that patron. So no, Asshole, that "for both of us" crap does not fly.

Art & Amaretto

Ugh. These people are all rage and no logic. I had one in at the Art Store the other day who somehow thought that Obamacare will affect the "ridiculously high" local tax rate (that's been at 7% for three years). I can't even work out how she arrived at that conclusion.

My only hope is that karma will get these assholes in the end.


And to think that I went up to Pizza Hut yesterday and left a 75% tip cause I got excellent service and good hot pizza...

Some people should be strapped down while we pour molten lead down their throat. If you can afford to eat out, you can leave a tip.

Standard rate's 15%, leave more if service was good. If you can't afford to leave 15%, stay the fuck at home and make your own damn meal!


I cannot express how sick and tired I am of people using politics as an excuse to be a doucheface. Hey, guess what, NOBODY is falling for your "poor pitiful me, the government is evil!" act! The president has nothing to do with whether or not you choose to get in your car and go eat at some restaurant you apparently can't afford. What a whiny dickweed.

Don't have the money for "discretionary spending?" DON'T EAT OUT. Stay home and make your own fucking food like an adult, just like the waitstaff you just stiffed have to do.


@Dhamp I wish more people would get on the wagon for socialism.

Fuck this asshat who "can't afford to tip".

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