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NC Tony

Sounds to me like Drunk Child was lucky to avoid getting his lights punched out.

The Last Archimedean

That prank sounds frightening.

But funny after the fact.

Eve Dallas

Trust me, Archimedean, it was goddamn scary. But i still laugh about it, as its rare to get laughs in my place of work.


This has a name! I call her Vera.

Stay shiny, Eve.

Sarah Park

That was quite scary huh? Glad it was only a prank.


Your car's name is Browncoat approved.

Queer Geek

I can so relate to the train incident. Since the train I take to work sometimes has drunken idiots riding it, there is going to be some conflict that ensures.

As for the lady admired your hat, that was a cute story. I love custys who put a little ray of sunshine in a retail worker's day.

Eve Dallas

Loving the Firefly fans, Shepard was the one who picked the name after he showed me the show and the movie. I cried when Wash died.

Damn Yankee

Eve, who the hell DIDN'T? Especially the people who watched the show too, and were more emotionally invested in the characters!

Hellbound Alleee

That old lady sound awesome! She would definitely be someone I would want to get to know. Think about it. She's seventy, so when she came of age, it was the fifties. She lived through a lot, and has probably seen a lot. And here she is, being a non-conformist. I suggest you heed her words, and say Hi next time you see her.

Mr. Misanthrope

Firefly, In Death, and Mass Effect references? <3

I'm glad -- surprised, but glad -- that things on the train didn't become more ugly than they did, and thank you for the lightheartedness of the other two posts. Awesome co-workers and dotty customers can make the world a better place.

Soft Ice Girl

Wow, the old lady sound AWESOME!!


The majority of old people rule, they have gotten to the point that they just don't care what they say and are oft times hilariouslly honest.

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