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Cute but I disagree with the pro-lifers part of demon spawn. 99% of the demon spawn I personally known are parented by pro-choice people. Especially ever since some idiot wrote a book saying you should never tell your child "no" or otherwise disapline them. Most pro-lifers I know spank their kids when they act like demon spawn.

NC Tony

Demon Spawn and Maniacal Midgets are the kind of kids I don't feel bad about "accidentally" tripping. Not that I've ever done that.

The Last Archimedean

I've cut off demon spawn and maniacal midget paths with my cart before. Not at the last instant, but in such a way that if they don't look and don't slow down, they crash into it about 5 or 6 seconds later. Most of the time they dodge the obstacle and give me a dirty look, but a few have taken a tumble. That is followed by me saying, "You okay, kid? You need to be more careful where you're going."

Queer Geek

I've known people who have had crotch goblins before. However, we refer to call them "crabs".


@Jami You must know some spectacular pro-lifers cause most of those folks couldn't find their own ass with both hands. Frankly it's a wonder most of them can figure out how to even get prego.

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