Retail Hell Underground: Waiter Refuses To Serve Customers Who Insulted Special Needs Child

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Annoying jerks. Just cause a person is special needs doesn't mean they're a nuisance or will cause problems. Many of them are very well mannered, friendly and caring.


Okay: I have a brother who is special needs. For the most part, he's quiet, and he keeps to himself. If agitated, however, he gets loud and physical, and being an adult, he is large. I can understand wanting to be moved to another section if this were the case. It is possible to ask the waiter NICELY if you can be moved, if it is not a problem. Being a jerk about it, then making a fucking rude-ass COMMENT is deplorable. Good for this waiter for sticking up for his customers and refusing to serve those others.

The Last Archimedean

As the father of a [usually very well behaved] special needs child, all I can say is: BRAVO, MR. GARCIA!


All of my applause for this man for standing up for that boy and his family. People that rude don't deserve service and SHOULD be scorned! Keep on being awesome, Mr. Garcia! =D


Good for him. It warms my heart to see people stand up for others.

Book Baby

The people who complained were special": a special kind of assholes. The little boy is FIVE, for God's sake!


I worked with DD clients for a few years they are awesome. Kudos to the waiter for doing the right thing!

Hellbound Alleee

They need a special section for special assholes.


So awesome! And I'm happy to NOT be reading about the waiter being fired over it. Too many times retail slaves get let go for doing the right thing. I'm glad this time (at least it appears that) nobody lost a job over standing up for someone :)

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