Retail Hell Underground: What we really want to say is "For the love of God, shut up!" or...

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Joe the Cigar Guy

Absolutely! Unloading all your pent-up frustrations of day-to-day living on a blameless sales associate is like sucker punching an Amish kid.

The Last Archimedean

This is usually where other customers get impatient and grab the bitching woman and put a hand over her mouth so she can shut up and move on.

Well, not literally, but I have seen lots of times where the other customers in line turn en masse against the bitchy customer and say things like "Shut the &*^%$%^ up! We just want to pay and get the &^%$$#$% out of here and you're holding up the line!"


If that guy is really a fellow retail slave, I bet he gets all the creepy women hitting on him. -shudder- Hang in there, hot cashier man!

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