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"pitiful little man-child so clueless he needed two Sherpas to find his own ass"

I hope I'll never need to call someone that, but if I do, I will, and I'll think of you.



Sometimes, living in a tiny town sucks because everyone knows your business. Sometimes, it's awesome :) Glad that it's awesome for you.

The Last Archimedean

Bravo to you. And it seems the staff there has never forgotten.


Kuroneko, is there some way your grease-warpainted, wrench-wielding, no-BS-taking persona can be made into some kind of genie or comic-book-type superhero? I bet every retail worker and FFP would love to have that kind of superhero magically appear from the cash register lineup and set things straight from time to time.

I wonder what the "bat signal" to request help from such a character would look like... :D

NC Tony

The Mighty Thrognar wants to know if you're his long-lost daughter. Seriously though, sounds like Karma was working overtime that day. It's almost like you chewed the crusty out and Karma got off her ass, cracked her knuckles and said, "Everything's all better for you now." Snapped her fingers and dumped a load of good luck right smack dab on your head.


I wish I could have been there to see that, it'd be better than any blockbuster movie in the last ten years!
I'm glad that things improved after all that crap happening at once. It seems that God/Karma/Fate/Luck was smiling on you for being strong and putting your foot down to the injustice you saw.
I kinda giggled about what your cat did. I could just imagine him laying there, paws in the air, thinking "Oh glob! What did they feed me!? How dare they! My life is over! I've not eaten a decent meal in HOURS! All is lost!" in the dramatic way only a cat can portray.

Larry Berry

"I didn't want to hear him screaming about how two nuggets that somehow got battered together still counted as one nugget"

If he believed that 2 nuggets stuck together counted as one then he would need to concede that if one nugget got broken in half it counted as 2. Of course that logic would elude someone like that.

danny b



It's amazing how little things like "not being an asshole" can really help when you're in a tight spot, I suggest you spread this story around to drive that point home for the people that need to hear it. Oh, and I'm glad your cat is ok too, mine once decided to lay paws-up in front of a fan on a really hot day and scared the hell out of me.

Soft Ice Girl

This is the best story I have read today!
I love the fact that you, although you made it better for the slave, see that normally shouting at people is not OK and that you wouldn´t do it.
And I am sure it was Karma- a good deed brings good luck ;)
Either way, thanks for brightening my day!


Let luck be a lady weilding sharp wit, a wrench, and grease war paint.

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