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How about as an extension to number 5--we also can not always give driving directions to our store or any other store from any or all random locations. I can not count the number number of times I have had people call up and ask how to get to my store, and have been pissed off because I did not know the area from which they were coming from. Some times I can easily give driving directions, but I am not a freaking map or GPS device. One person cussed me out because I could not give him directions when he was coming from over 250 miles away. asshole.


here's one.

don't assume that the person you are talking to isn't a manager because they are young/old/fat/skinny/whatever other-discriminatory-accusation.
sometimes they are indeed a manager and they will pwn your ass so fast that you wont know what happened.


I actually had no idea pepperoni and sausage were put on after the pizza was cooked. They always seem like they've been through the oven with the rest of it to me.

Also, how do you get away with not having freezer storage? I get that they're already cooked but don't you have to store that stuff so it doesn't rot before you heat it back up? That's actually kind of alarming.


In response to Nomnom.
Sorry about the confusion with the pepperoni/sausage. Yes they go through the oven with the rest of the pizza. What I meant by that is that they are received by the story fully cooked. Like when you buy them at the super market, you can eat most sausage and pepperoni right out of the package. People assume we have raw pork and beef sitting around.

Oops, I was a bit confusing with the freezer comment too, sorry :/ There is a difference between a walk-in freezer, and a walk-in cooler (0-10 degrees f and 35-40 degrees f respectively) Since most chains only get a food truck twice a week, we wouldn't be able to safely store raw meat products for an extended amount of time (think of the difference between keeping ground beef in a freezer versus a fridge). I promise your local pizza hut does put their food in a fridge, did not mean to scare you there.


"1.) That none of the managers know each other."

As an addendum to this, "That you can persuade me to do something I shouldn't by claiming a manager who's not here OK'd it."

I say this as it's not the first time I've had a customer saying that 'the manager' said something, such as that a return would be OK, despite having zero evidence it was bought from us, and, upon me checking with all the available people who could have been 'the manager' in question, and them denying any knowledge, the customer claims that it must have been another manager who isn't here right now (even if there isn't another manager who isn't there right then). Most places I've worked, to use the same example, it can go very bad for me if I depart from company policy in order to process a return when I shouldn't. The only way I might take risks like that is if I can verify that somebody else who has the necessary authority has OK'd it, and either this is recorded by some method or I can trust them not to lie to cover their own ass if there's any blowback over it. Otherwise, sorry, if a manager who isn't here right now has said something, you're going to have to wait until they are here so I can verify that.


Also relating to 11:
That reading the employee's nametag and the calling them repeatedly by name while you deliver a detailed blow-by-blow account of your colonoscopy/child's accomplishments/traffic accident/etc every time you come into the store will make you well-liked, remembered, and a regular.
You're own family doesn't want to hear this, what makes you think we do? We have to smile and nod, but we haven't heard a word you've said in the last five minutes and probably won't remember you. If you are remembered, it won't be in a good way.


I get that pepperoni is pre-cooked...and that at many chain restaurants, the sausage bits come pre-cooked too...but, aside from the "heat-and-serve" sausage in the deli case at the store, most sausage I've seen is sold uncooked.
Now good 'ol locally made Chicago Deep Dish is made with the sausage put on the pie uncooked before it's baked...they spread a full thin layer of sausage across the whole crust...like a giant sausage patty (only thinner) Then, cause the layer is thin, it fully cooks while it's baking.
But that's small privately owned places...not applicable to big chain stores.


All very good points and situations.

Unfortuneately in the BIG pizza biz, the customer usually get free shit no matter what. At least at the larger pizza chains -- customer complains --- customer get what they want --- free shit.

my store had one customer go absolutley apeshit over a missing order of breasticks on a $70 order.

Our solution - give the customer a credit for $5 AND get the missing item to them ASAP


and yes they eveentually got their WHOLE order for free after going up the management chain (got all the way up to the franchise VP level).

My pizza company's mantra is "Give them free stuff while we complain how poor we are."

texas bbq

Thanks for the info....


Loved it! The one thing about someone saying I'm a regular is that they never are. Regular customers don't need to play that card - unless they are dicks.


I like that the computers have so much info at the pizza places. We had one bad order out of a ton a great ones. I called to let them know in case there was a problem at the location. I wasn't angry, just confused after previous great service. They saw on their computers that we were regulars and they gave us our next order free. It was awesome! And we continued to get great pizza.


I do have one comment to make about point 4. You've said:
"If you insist upon going the food-borne illness route I do urge to you wait a bit longer than 20 minutes after you received your food"

Some bacteria that cause food poisoning can lead to nausea and vomiting within 15-30 minutes of consumption. This does mean 20mins after receiving the pizza is probably a little too soon to be complaining, but don't discount someone just because you think it's too soon for any symptoms to arise.
In addition, even though you don't use raw meat, there is still a possibility of contamination, often through employees not washing their hands properly.
I used to work as a chef, so I know how annoying it is when someone tries to blame your cooking for their upset stomach (especially when the symptoms arose 3 days later, and several others had the same meal and are fine) and I know most food poisoning is caused by poor hygiene at home. I'm not by any means saying that you have to believe every person who makes that claim, but timing alone is not a reason to discount them.


@Hellraiser In all fairness it will make them remembered just not fondly. More like: oh crap not this again, I do not need to know anything about his/her hemroids.


Just because something is cooked does not mean you cannot get food poisoning from it!

Holy hell, I agree with most of that, but given that I was HOSPITALIZED during the week before exams of the most hellish semester ever ( Music Theory III, lost my perfect attendance, lost my extra credit, took my grade from a B+ to a C+ and thus had to retake it over the summer ) due to a food poisoning from a pizza place, please, no, don't sell me that line of BS.

And yes, it was the pizza. I was 19 at the time, still living at home, and both me and my mother were broke as hell and hadn't ate anything all day, except the pepperoni pizza we ordered from pizza hut(as a splurge and a reward). We both got sick, we were both sick for days. There was not any other possible way for us to get food poisoning. The only plus was that I lost 20lbs in one week, because I was doing good if I could keep a glass of water down. No, it is not hyperbole, this was an honest to goodness case of food poisoning, not, oh, I got indigestion and a small case of the shits, but full-blown food poisoning.

Even if food is COOKED, if it is left out, or improperly packed, stored, chilled, etc, it will go off! Pizza included. That is why we have it pounded into our little noggins while we're at school to put things away, put any left overs away quickly, because once they drop below a certain temperature, they start growing bacteria!

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