Retail Hell Underground: A Horrifyingly Accurate Reenactment of Short Order Restaurant Hell

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Pure gold :) I could've watched an hour of that and not stopped laughing.


He is a contestant on the current season of RuPaul's Drag Race. He is really talented!

Arch Guy

Nailed it on the head. This happens way more often than it should.


I think I'm more bothered by the concept of 'a scoop of chicken'. Shades of the restaurant in 'Brazil'.


Queer Geek


You're right! It's Jinkx Monsoon.

As for his impression of fast food customers. He nailed it! Gurl, you are fierce!

Miss Red

I love Jinkx. I have a soft spot in my heart for campy, funny queens. Now more that he knows the pain of the retail slave.


Loved it! Spot on and so funny! Thanks for brightening my day!

Cosmetics Hellhound


Queer Geek

@Cosmetics Hellhound

Team Willam! Oh wait, he's not on this season!

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