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The Last Archimedean

*shakes head*

I've never understood why people whine about things that the slaves can't control, in general. And this qualifies. Just suck it up and walk the extra 50 feet. But having a full-blown tantrum? I'd hate to see what she does when she finds out they're sold out of what she wanted to buy.


My store has two floors - can't tell you how many times someone has come in, gone straight up the escalator, asked where the bathroom is, and flipped out when told it's downstairs. Why didn't you ask BEFORE coming up then? People are dumb. (Granted, when you gotta go you gotta go, but still.)

NC Tony

What really makes me laugh is that when people complain about things like this, it takes them twice as long to complain, wait, throw a fit, or whatever, then it would to do things the way they're supposed to. It takes two seconds to ask a question as compared to two minutes to throw a fit like a child.


When I worked at the JC Nickel portrait studio, people would throw fits when our bathroom was closed for cleaning. Our store had only one customer accessible restroom, and it was on the second floor across from the studio.



I can more see throwing a fit for that. Not that it's okay to get belligerent, but being told the bathroom is closed when you really need to use it and there isn't another available is a definite problem. Especially if you have small children who need to go, or medical issues...some people really can't wait.
Throwing a fit for having to walk extra distance when you could have gotten to the bathroom in the time you spent complaining just makes no sense.


Wait people actually want to use public restrooms enough that they are mad about walking a few extra moments to get there? That is so weird cause I'll wait up to a half hour if it means I can go home to use my own.

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