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govt peon

I'm surprised she can. At least in my experience, all government, including libraries, block down loads, or at least the downloader can be fired...

Just mention it in passing? Tell the boss something popped up with a virus? Call IT?

The Singing Library Clerk

For some reason we can download at least small programs. I don't know why they're not blocked. And I had to send in a trouble ticket because now I'm getting the "blue screen of death" lately.

IT has removed several viruses from that computer right after one of those programs have been downloaded.


Document, document, document! Don't let her take you down with her -- by all means give her a chance to mend her ways, but if she insists on b0rking your computer, make sure it's on her head and not yours -- record what happens, what IT had to do to fix it, and let management know. If it's reached BSoD levels, the entire thing might need to be reformatted and reinstalled... ecch!

The Singing Library Clerk

We all have our own log ins so they could easily trace it back to her.

And I don't want her to lose her job. She's a good worker otherwise and her father died suddenly a few years ago. Her mom speaks next to no English. So she's the sole support for them. She pays the rent, food, utilities, etc. She's only in her early 30s and has to give up all her freedom to take care of her mom.

She's one of those people I vowed I'd find a way to help once I get discovered. Like right now they live in a studio apartment so she gets no privacy. I'd buy them a place where she could have her own room and have an extra space to rent out to someone she can trust to earn extra money.

I just would like very much to stop losing work because of some program she downloaded that was infected with something bad.

And it's not like she's the only one. Someone using one of the circulation computers somehow installed a toolbar that was obviously hijackware. I had to spend a part of the morning trying to disable it and fix our settings.

It's just a real pain when you're in the middle of a project only to have a bright blue screen flash up and the computer restart. Or find the computer acting funny, do a virus scan, and find a virus or trojan - and of course they always show up when the Numerology calculator is on the toolbar.

The Worst

Aaaah now I know EXACTLY what I'm naming my puppy! And also, I really hope your coworker knocks it off. =)

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