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Slave of Arch

She thought the two jobs would never schedule her to work on the same day?
And then to claim you were bullying her?
I don't know, seems to me you might be better off without this girl.


At 19 I was working two jobs. When I took the second I told them about the first job and what my schedule was like. Told the first job about the second. 90% of the time my off days were the same and I went from Job B to Job A as B closed the office at 5 and I could do the evening shift at hellgreens.

It was a pain sometimes, but a check every week at 7+ and 9 an hour respectively was nothing to sneeze at.

The Last Archimedean

She wasn't "bullied", she's just an entitled idiot.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Sounds to me like she was trying to make ends meet and having to change stores suddenly fucked up her scheduled.

I am willing to bet her normal shift changed when she transferred to your store and it interfered with her second job where the other store did not.

4 days into your store she noticed the conflict and tried to get it fixed. Also sounds like you were in willing to bend so she chose the second job.


Kel, the girl was inconsiderate and refused to work with the manager even though she never told them about her second job. It is HER responsibility to make sure there is no conflict BEFORE accepting the transfer. She was irresponsible and entitled.

heavy melvanova

Please, I had THREE jobs when I was in grad school full time. Barely saw the light of day, or a club, but damn I had to eat and have a roof over my head. You just have to learn how to schedule.

Bra bitch

100% oh and I forgot to mention why the girl wanted to transfer to my store..because I had an opening for a management position. What my dsm and I think happened is she already had the other in the works and wanted to try and make it work but not telling me is pretty damn stupid. And yes she was a pretty entitled fucking bitch and no I have no problems working around other jobs/ school. Myself and my assistant are the only ones who have open availability everyone else has shit going on. But as I said when I got the text..good fucking riddance


At one point, I had five part-time jobs and was going to school full-time. This bitch can't handle two? ALWAYS check your schedules before accepting something else!


I'm torn I can see it from both sides here. She definitely should have been upfront about needing to work both jobs. You should have been more willing to work with her. Frankly you both come off looking like idiots.

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