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He was made to unfold them himself... Did give them a good laugh but they wouldn't take it in that form.

The Last Archimedean

At least he paid... so many people never bother with that part and later have their license suspended...


This is awesome!
I can so sympathize since I get parking tickets so regularly that when I see one of the gov. employees who write them I've taken to spitefully calling "Meter Bitches"
Three things to know:
1. I'm equal opportunity. I call the ones who are men that too.
2. I'll admit is a misnomer since there are no parking meters in my neighborhood.
3. Before you say "You deserve them for breaking the law," I'm not breaking the law. My neighborhood is a restricted parking district, but residents can get permits to park in the area however long they want, as off-street parking is very limited. The employees are just too fucking lazy to actually take the time to LOOK for a parking permit before slapping a ticket on the car. Nevermind that I displayed it exactly according to instructions, and, after getting my first ticket, even outlined it with neon duct tape.


Guy's a dick. The "meter maid" was enforcing parking rules, aka DOING HER JOB. Also, the people at the station that he took the box to were not involved in his getting written a ticket in any way. But hey, all cops are pigs so it's ok right?



True, I'd say they were justified in making him come in and unfold them.

Also, since this picture says traffic violation I assume you were referencing my complaint directly when you said parking violation. HER JOB is not to ticket everyone, it's to ticket people who don't belong there and not ticket people who have every right to be there! I gave them the benefit of the doubt for a long time, but after two years of dealing with this and getting nothing but wrongly issued tickets and snotty attitudes when I catch them while issuing them and point out that I have a residents' permit...I've run out of patience.


I had a similer situation chica. You get the meter maids name on the ticket dont you? Call down and report each individual one for harassment.

Shit rolls down hill they will have to answer for it.


I think he kind of missed the point of an F you act. I mean seriously, it is dickish, but it's also clever and cute. I'd pretty much take pictures, tell him that it was way cool, tell everyone else how cool it was, thank him for the effort and artistic work, and THEN make him unfold them before he could consider it paid.


I told this story to a coworker of mine, and the first thing he did was do the same thing with his own traffic ticket.

Lucky we live in a small town and the cops knew he was joking.

Queer Geek

First of all! I love this. I've done money origami and some of those suckers can be hard to do! Also, I admire the man's balls. At least he paid in dollar bills instead of pennies. Now that would be bitch to count!

Ted the 'flayer

Parking and traffic violations have no purpose than to kick poor people in the nuts, bury them in fees that they can't afford, and take away their power. When I pay off traffic and parking violations, I make sure to piss on the money first. They have yet to notice.


@ChicagoJobe: I actually wasn't referencing you, apologies if it came off that way. Comments load weird for me - I actually thought I was the first commenter until after I posted my comment and refreshed the page.


@Ted you're a dick


Unfold them? I heard that one of the officers actually paid the guy's ticket so he could take the pigs to his wife who runs an art gallery.


Queer Geek: Pennies would be a lot harder to fold, too...

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