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The Last Archimedean

It's never the initial crime that gets you, it's the cover up afterwards. Don't take MY word for it, ask Richard M. Nixon.

Applebee's best move at this point would be to publicly hire back the waitress and give her a raise, then let this whole mess sit until it becomes old news.


They were right to fire her, given what they have said.

She breached her contract, end of discussion.

However, every thing else they've done is godawful.


This is the Media spokesperson's own Retail Hell. They can't agree with the majority, they have to give cupcakey answers.

I would HATE to be in their shoes right now

Larry Berry

"They were right to fire her, given what they have said.

She breached her contract, end of discussion."

It would be if they hadn't done the same thing themselves previously with good tips/complimentary customers. If they were indeed right to fire her, they would show that they fired everyone that posted pics of the good tips/complimentary ones.

The Last Archimedean

They were very wrong to fire her. I've heard 3 different explanations of why they did it, none of which hold up. They weren't obligated to fire her, it states clearly in the rules that she could have been let off with a warning.

And since many other waitresses had done similar things and hadn't been fired, you have to go by precendent. If the other waitresses weren't fired for the same thing, you can't single this one out.

The person who should have been fired is Pastor Bell. Whatever church she's with should disown her.


Perhaps Applebee's will learn that it shouldn't have sided with asshole customers like Alois Bell. Also they should fire the dumbass who is charge of their Facebook page.

This is so brilliant. I'm glad it's blowing up in their faces. Sad that I am missing it.


The sad thing is, boycotting Applebees won't do a thing to their bottom profit line. Boycotting them just impacts their employees for the worst. If you impact their profit margin, guess who will lose their jobs, the waiters and waitresses who work there.

I don't know what the right answer is, since boycotting won't punish the people (Alois and the Applebees management at that branch and the idiot executives that stood in support of firing the girl).

It does show consumer opinion, and if Applebees is smart enough to be receptive to that, then the boycott will be a good thing, but if they're stubborn and stupid as they have already shown themselves to be, those who are punished by the boycott will be the ones who least deserve and can least afford that punishment.



First of all Applebee's sucks donkey dick, and I suspect donkey dick would taste better than what I ate the last them I went in 2005. One of their Bowl Creations or whatever they were calling them. Anyway it was awful.

Secondly, the same argument was made against calls for boycotts to the restaurants who took part in the Obamacare douchebaggery, and in fact they did have an impact:

Bottomline, I feel for the employees but that doesn't obligate me to continue to monetarily support a business whose way of conducting business disgusts me.


The other problem with the boycott is that Applebee's is a franchise, and I don't think it would really be fair to other franchise owners to boycott all Applebee's - just the ones owned by the Applebee's in question. It's kind of like during the BP Oil Spill all the BP gas stations started seeing drops in sales even though they aren't affiliated with BP Oil.

I do wish there was some way to punish Alois Bell that isn't illegal, though. >_>


Personally it is no trouble for me to boycott Applebee's since I don't really like there food and the only time I have been has been when going out with friends and that is what the group has decided on. But I know many of the ladies who I go out with on Ladies night out--we probably wont be going back for a long time.


I can't remember the last time I ate at an Applebees, and you can't swing a dead cat without hitting one here on the East Coast. I'll take my money, and waitress/waiter's tip, elsewhere.


@ Chicajojobe,

Yes. I'm not sure how anything I said contradicts what you said. I was just stating the reality of the situation, and as I acknowledged in my previous post, sometimes boycotts do have a positive effect.

Ted the 'flayer

My dad and I went to an applebee's one time. The waittress kept refusing to take my order (when she was taking my dad's order right beside me), wouldn't refill my drink, and wouldn't interact with me in any way. I don't know what that was about.


It's all well and good that they are committing PR suicide and whatnot. My only problem is that all the people who intend to boycott the brand may very well cost more good employees their positions. Hopefully it doesn't get that far : (


@Dhamp they were wrong to fire her the contracts legality is questionable at best and would likely fall apart in court. Why you seem to think playing devil's advocate makes you look smart I don't know, but no doubt Applebee's will be looking for a new PR guy soon enough.

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