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Slave of Arch

This...is a bad idea.
I mean, admittedly, I don't know how the McD's are in Australia..maybe they're totally different than the ones I've been to..
But at mine..with our employees...so much would be broken it would be a disaster.
I don't see this lasting long.

Arch Guy

Agreed. If we ever did it, it would either be broken or stolen.


What's that old Japanese saying? Crap on china is still crap.


Didn't Burger King try this once and have it crash and burn?

Sadie The Cleaning Lady

If they tried this at the Maccas I used to work at, there'd be no china as the staff would have thrown it all at each others' heads. Also, the first aiders would need to be trained in treating stab wounds...


SMASH! "I can't believe your plates are so crappy! I demand a refund!"

I can just see it now...


Cutlery mightn't be needed per se to eat a burger, but that doesn't stop my father from using a fork and knife regardless; ditto with pizza. Some people just prefer not to get their hands messy/greasy and have to wash them off after eating, especially as I find it's not uncommon to have the mayo dripping out at some point.


so they are trying to emulate the old Wimpy Bars in the UK. There are still a few kicking about (most were taken over by BK in the late 80's early 90's ). Keep meaning to go have one to relive my childhood.

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