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Arch Guy

I feel your pain McNug. That happens a lot at my Golden Arches. Granted, stupidity amongst a chunk of the regular custies is the norm at my restaurant.

Bagel Bat

Wow...what a prize. Isn't it funny how every pissed off crusty seems to know the CEO or Prez of McDs/Wendys/BK ? You should have asked her how the Christmas party was. :D

I had lots of bitchy crustys who would come in and throw tantrums and claim to know the owner but so many people did this that I started asking them if they knew her name. It's simply astounding how few of them did.


I was behind a car that apparently forgot their food. I wasn't really paying attention, so when he pulled away from the window, I naturally pulled up. He realized he didn't have his food and tried backing up into me. Naturally, I saw that and laid on my horn, and he stopped like a centimeter from my bumper. He got out, started screaming at me (cause I'm suppose to have magical brain powers to know he didn't get the food) and started yelling at the people at the window. He had to go in to get his food, couldn't fit between my car and the window (he wasn't a skinny dude) and left his car parked right where it was. I couldn't get out without backing up and there was a car behind me, so I couldn't even try. He was throwing a fit in at the counter, so we sat there for a very long time. So long that someone called to get his car towed...(it didn't, he flipped out when it came and ran out to his car to get it and flee the scene.)

The Last Archimedean

How in the lame-brained hell do you go through all the hassle of paying at the drive-through and then forget your food?

I'd make a blonde joke but not even the ditziest blondes I know have ever done anything THAT stupid.


I've forgotten to stop at the pay window before. But in my defense, the person mumbled at the speaker as to where to pull forward, no one was at the other window when I pulled up, so I pulled forward. Still paid, but hey!


What I dont get is how stoned were all 8 of these people for all of them to forget.All douche's

Grendus the Phone guy

Alicia has a good point. I can understand one person forgetting to get their food (I've done it myself), but 8? If she had started demanding things I would suspect a scam, as is they're probably just all too terrified to question her. Still... that's weird.


So, let me get this straight - she claims you fucked up by not giving her the order (which isn't true, but let's forget this for now), you offer to make it again, free of charge, and that still isn't good enough? What did she expect you to do, jump in the time machine you keep in the break room and fix it before it happened?


Alicia that was my thought too. How does one person let alone EIGHT people not only drive off and forget about their food, but for an hour?


I've done stupid shit like that. Sometimes you're just on autopilot.
Never at the drive-thru, but I did once walk out of a grocery store after paying, but without the food I'd just purchased.
I realized when I'd done when I walked out the door, and turned around to find the bag-boy already chasing after me.
I was very sheepish and apologetic, though, because I was sure he thought I was the biggest idiot he'd ever run into.

I guess this woman's reaction is the perfect example of entitlement.


Just reading that gave me a headache.

NC Tony

Wow the stupidity on the crusty's part is all over the place on this one.

Doesn't acknowledge you when you greet them, then nearly a minute later demands they get served.
Gets mad when you try to save them money because they're too stupid to realize their special order is an actual item on the menu.
Takes forever and a day to pay because everyone decides when they get up to the window is the perfect time to pool their money.
Drives off without their food (again how can EIGHT PEOPLE forget that they didn't get their food?).
Comes back an HOUR later, demanding the food that had to be thrown out, refuses to wait while the food is remade (and makes a vulgar remark to boot).
Threatens to have the restaurant shut down because she knows the president of the company (No, you don't, and even if you did I doubt he'd shut down the store on your say so).
Finally leaves without the food anyway, and now cannot order food there anymore since everyone will be on the lookout for her.

The only question I have is, did she even get her money back? Because it sounds like after all that she basically paid for nothing.


It's the HOUR later that bugs me. Wait, you missed your food for an hour? I can see pulling out, freaking out, making a probably unlawful U-turn and coming back, but an hour later? Yikes.

And I've been thumped by someone trying to back out of a drive-thru. I honked and honked, and their SUV just kept coming back until 'thump'. I guess they were used to driving where honking was, and as Dave Barry put it once, they're just used to it. Honking just happens when they drive. Nothing to do with them, oh no... People just randomly honk while they're around.




The egg muffin has Canadian bacon on it they probably wanted both that and sausage.

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