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You had one job...


Man, I've gotten sandwiches with the cheese hanging halfway off the bun, but this is ridiculous.

The Last Archimedean

I've had people mess up my cheeseburgers before but never THAT badly.


I picture the guy at the prep station yelling "CHEESE" at the burger over and over before slamming his head into it repeatedly then in frustration throwing the cheese at it and wrapping the result up. At least that is how that happens in my head.


McDonald's cheeseburgers are only edible because they cost 1€ while the biggest competitor's cheeseburger, which isn't just dry bun and non-existent burger with small amount of pickles and ketchup and a slice of cheese and actually tastes of something, costs 2.5€ and is well worth the higher price (the mere addition of mayonaise and a little mustard (under the burger-) does wonders, and same goes for the much better cheese used by the domestic competitor.) Also the competitor's is closer than the closest McD's.


but damn, now I am dying for a couple of cheeseburgers, even if they are from McD's, they are still open for 47 minutes, to go or not to go, what a question...

Jason Thorn

If I saw that on my burger, I'd walk it back up to the counter, show whoever's there and just ask, "REALLY?"

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