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Damn Yankee

*facepalm* I was born at WCA Hospital, and my family still lives out there. I swear we're not all that nutty.


Abblebee's? Must be a new spin off.


"treating instances like Chase's extremely seriously."

You know, maybe we should stop treating these things so "extremely seriously". Perhaps he's an ass, perhaps he's a drunk, perhaps he needs help, but at the end of a gun isn't where to deliver it.

"But what if he, you know, goes off and shoots a lot of people?" "What if he does?" We are strong. We can withstand a few wingnuts. Teddy Roosevelt was shot himself during a speech and just kept on speaking. Yes, it's horrible. No, it's not the end of the world.

Stop taking these weirdos so seriously, and all the rest of us will get a lot less hassle.



My hometown. So proud this is the kind of thing that gets it noticed. :P


I wonder if Applebee's is happy now that this weirdo is drawing attention way form them sacking the waitress that posted the "I give God...." receipt?

The Worst

At first I thought this was going to have something to do with the Alois Bell thing, like some really weird form of protest.

Also, I kinda have to agree with AT - it sucks that we let one wackadoodle ruin a really fantastic costume.

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