Retail Hell Underground: Crusty Gets Told Off By A Baby

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danny b

great story



The Last Archimedean

Sometimes it takes a kid to shock an adult into realizing how childlike they're behaving. I hope the woman stops acting entitled and learns a lesson from this.


I love this one! Your baby is the best!


I have to disagree with TLA on one point. Crazy custy was being childISH, not childLIKE. ;)
(And got pwned by a baby - gotta love it!)

Sales Agent Guy

Now THAT is what I call owned!

Queer Geek

First of all that's an awesome story! And from the sound of it, she's gonna be a little heartbreaker. I'm having an AWWWWW moment right now!

Hapax Legomenon

Get ready...two is fun. The power struggles begin at two.(Or they did for me, at least.) But your kid sounds awesome and I wish you lived in Kentucky so we could have a playdate.


Of course the lady ran off, she needed to get some ice for that burn. That is parenting done right.


Babies give the best looks, LOL.


I squee'd at this. Your kid is adorable :D

NC Tony

If I were there I would have burst out laughing, just like I did sitting here at my computer. Give your little one a hug from me for being awesome.

Timekeeper's Twit

Parenting WIN! I adore you Karebear!

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