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This is the best! It seems like all anyone ever gets these days is complaints and threats that a crusty is going to get them fired. If people focused more on the GOOD customer service rather than the bad or off experiences, the world could breathe a little easier.


My mom spent a lot of time in a wheelchair over a two-year period recently (she's fine now). It is *beyond wonderful* to be able to get the wheelchair parts you need right then and there. Seriously: opening that box makes you a superheroine, and if I knew how, I'd knit you a cape. ;-)

Womens Retail Slave

A customer actually bought us Cinnabons once on a routine return. She apoligized the entire way thru the transaction, which while was a little lengthy, it was done all within company standards-items had tags, receipt was present and still valid, she had her id etc. She was so nice!

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