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Oh my gosh, that's Beau Chevaissus (sp.?), one of my favorite YouTubers. I highly encourage checking out his other videos as well -- he's got a great sense of humour and a fine filmmaking style!

The Last Archimedean

That would keep me in food for at least a week. What is wrong with people these days? $47 for a cup of coffee, it better either come with a free Lamborghini or turn me into Superman.


A crack habit doesn't even cost that much per day. Plus it just seems like a convenient way to induce kidney failure and explosive diarrhea in one shot.


I admit, I like coffee, but not that much. I'll stick to making my own using my desk's integrated coffee maker.


The flavor combination doesn't sound even remotely tasty...it sounds awful. What is it lately with people mixing up things for the sake of price and not taste?


Um - he clearly says in the video that he planned on tipping and brought 'his friends' at the store donuts.


Was it just me, or did I see the employees ring him in for a free birthday drink?

The Last Archimedean

Spritzy, my best guess is that people who do things just so they can say they spent $X are trying to impress some shallow jerk who they in reality should be trying to get the hell away from.


Guys, it's youtube. If he gets a popular enough channel, which he can do by pulling crazy stunts like this, then he is actually going to be making money off this video. AKA He's probably not doing this for the sake of blowing money, so much as for trying to MAKE money. QED.

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