Retail Hell Underground: Bakery Beats Mac and Cheese

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I hate people that leave frozen goods out like that so much.


I agree, Skittles, the other day someone left nearly $30 worth of frozen foods on a display at our store. The sad thing was that the display was in-between 2 freezer aisle. All they had to do was walk 4 feet and stuff the unwanted items back into a freezer. But no, they just dumped it on top of a display of chocolate syrup.


Attention please: would the IGNORANT ASSHOLES who dumped their frozen foods ON A TABLE IN THE FUCKING BAKERY please kill yourselves. And as always, fuck you for shopping.


You know this is the worst - now if someone doesn't notice it, it's garbage. Every cashier will gladly take your stock and re-shelve it! Are people really that lazy? Most of the time you know they are only a few steps away and could replace it. LAZY!

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