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Sigh... Poor woman probably just couldn't take it anymore.

Durango Deli Slave

Sometimes you just snap.:(

Crazy Cashier

too bad it doesn't sound like the kid gets he shouldn't have been running around the store , or throwing something at someone.

also sounds like neglectful mom. sounds like she wasn't watching him in the slightest. Running around he could have done a lot of damage to himself and to the store's property.


On the one hand the employee crossed the line. On the other hand that wants to give her a fist bump, its probably the first real punishment that lil demon hand in his life that didn't involve being sent to a room that had a tv, comp, and/or video game system.

He's 8 and capable of understanding right from wrong and knowing how to behave in public. Of course that would assume he'd be taught manners and such and obviously he wasn't.

Will he learn anything? Nope.


I have zero sympathy for the employee. That is absolutely fucking terrible.

It doesn't matter how horribly the kid is behaving, he's an 8 year old kid, to violently attack him is nothing but abuse in my mind.

If that's how she reacts to someone else's kid acting up, I really, really hope she won't be having/doesn't have kids.

(Not to mention, now he's a victim and it won't have taught him any more about right and wrong.)

The Last Archimedean

Even if it's your OWN kid you don't whip him across the back 25 times with a belt because he's misbehaving. That's abuse no matter how you slice it.

The employee lost it. Don't know what else can be said.


I want to see the whole video. Not just outtakes of the employee, I want to see just how much provocation there was beforehand.

All the truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me from getting a perjury charge...



Anyone else wondering where the heck are the mum and the kid while this is going down? If they were in the store and the kid's screaming for them....how can it take 25 lashes for them to turn up??


Yeah kid got spanked with a belt, boo hoo. I get that it isn't okay because it wasn't her kid, but spanking with a belt isn't some horrible dark criminal act. I really want to see the whole video before judgin too much cause it would really depend on how much force was applied.


This just shows what todays parenting is like... When i was young and did something naughty, i got smacked with a slipper.. So matter who it was in front of.. My friends parents would do it and then tell my mum later "she was naughty so we punished her for you" and it wasnt frowned upon at all.. AND i learned to respect absolutely everyone in every situation. A beating isnt a bad thing if its called for, we would need to see the entire video before passing judgement on whether its "abuse"....fair enough its not her child but if a minor is being disrespectful they need to be punished, if mother wont do it then someone needs to..

The Worst

Teaching kids how to behave via physical force is never ok! I'm glad the employee got arrested, and I wish she was still in jail. The only lesson that child learned was that that employee is nuts. Like Alicia, I wonder why the mom and sister had no idea this was happening?? Horrible employee, sure, but even worse on the mom for not keeping an eye on her kid! He could have been kidnapped!


The employee should had spanked the mom.


Not using physical force on kids to teach them how to behave is how you get hellspawn like this. I too would like to see the whole video before I jump to conclusions about 'lashing' and 'abuse'.


I'm not going to say that no one should spank their child. Is it absolutely necessary for proper parenting? No, I believe it's one of many discipline options.
However, a spanking is something you give a child with your hand, not with a belt, not with a ruler, not with a hickory switch or whatever else.
I don't care if that's what you got hit with when you were a kid. Just because something is tradition doesn't mean it should continue.
And you don't spank someone else's child. Anyone who does is a complete fucking moron who should know the parents aren't going to take it well and you'll probably end up jail.

I know how the slave felt. I once had some hell spawn throw a ball of paper at me and it hit me in the eye. I was pissed, but I would never have attacked him with a belt.
This was wrong, period.


You don't get "spanked" with a belt. You get WHIPPED with a belt. Spanking is hand hitting butt. I was spanked as a child by my parents, though quite rarely. I was also whipped with a belt once by my grandmother for not turning down the TV. I think I turned out fine given my relatively low amount of physical beatings by my parents.

All that being said, it is different when its your kid vs when it's not your kid. Yes the kid was being a hellion and his mother was probably neglectful, but you cannot attack someone like that - and it IS an attack. You don't get off with it not being an assault just because the person isn't an adult. When I heard about this on the radio they called it a spanking, which makes it sound not as bad. Now I find out it is actually a whipping, and that is so much worse.

Honestly, the kid probably deserved it. But the employee also deserves what's coming to her.

Hellbound Alleee

Spanking is not a "tool" for child discipline. It's a way for a parent to release his or her aggressive feelings on a child. It's a way for a parent to feel better themselves and pretend that they did some "parenting." It's a cop-out.

The science is in. It's been in for a long time now. Spanking DOESN'T WORK. I don't care if you "turned out fine." What do you think those flashbacks are about? But fine. Go ahead. Teach your kid that hitting solves problems. Give them a sex fetish, too. It's so cute and erotic! Have them ritualistically pull their pants down and bend over your knee. Stimulate their sex regions. What's a better way to parent?


As a parent, I find this appalling. I would be rightfully upset if it were any of my children. However, I would be ashamed to be that child's parent as well. Knowing that the world knows my child decided to act like a brat and throw something at another person, I would look long and hard at how I was parenting.

I have it cemented into my child's mind that if he were to take off or get lost from me, he needs to find an employee (if he can't figure out who the employees is, an adult with children) so they could help him be returned to me. If someone were to try to hit him or take off with him (knock on wood) he is told to run, scream, hit, bite, kick, etc. (But only if that happens.)

I also have him understanding that just taking off and being a little brat is frowned upon by me. I never threatened him with spankings, but have made it known that his favorite things would quickly be "thrown away." Such as his TV because he loves watching cartoons. However, in his 6 years of life, he has only escaped me once, when he was too young to understand. Normally he's in one of those carts that have the seats attached on the outside, and if that isn't available he holds my hand at all times.

This mother needs to take a hard look at herself. If she wasn't around her kid, wasn't in screaming distance, she needs to reevaluate herself as a mother. Her kid his 8. In today's world, no child that young should be alone in a store. Perhaps I am just one of those "hover" moms, but at least I will know my children are safe. I don't want to have my children on the face of some news report, with the story reading something like this or something else.

Both parties are in the wrong. I seriously hope this mother is questioned too. Just my (long) two cents.

Sales Agent Guy

I'm sorry, but no matter how harsh that child was acting, that retail slave had NO right to be striking that child, let alone with a belt. I'm glad she was fired and arrested. I admit the kid may have been immature, since I knew way better than to run around and throw cookies at people at that age, but that's still no excuse. You do NOT discipline other people's children. It's one thing to ask them to stop if they're doing something that could harm themselves or others, but WHIPPING them? That's beyond crossing the line.


Had it been me, I would have calmly and humanely sat the kid in a chair right under a camera, possibly with handcuffs (tell a kid to put on handcuffs in a certain tone and kid will do it,) called the police and had them process the kid as a shoplifter and for simple assault, using the security tapes as evidence. (The thrown cookie counts as stolen/damaged merchandise.) If the mom cried, shrieked and/or carried on about their child's being hit with a criminal record, I would also recommend that she be booked for negligence endangering the safety of a minor, as the kid was running around completely unsupervised and dollar stores sell some very dangerous household chemicals. I would act as if I were honestly concerned for the child and felt that involving the Proper Authorities was the best way to protect him from far, far worse, knowing full well that the media would take my side.

When it comes to interactions with children or police, whomever stays calmest and is best-known as a reasonable person to the officers on duty wins. Learn that, and you can do as you please with awful custys, even in retail.


@Alicia - wanna bet mom wasn't even in the store? Wouldn't be the first time a crusty has used a store as a babysitter while she's off in another one or doing something else.

Looking at other articles I've noticed that this brat's mom was never interviewed. Only Logan's father who wasn't on scene and that's after seeing the video. I would assume the reason for this is she or her husband is smart enough to realize someone would eventually ask - Where the f was she? I know I would.

I really wouldn't be surprised to find out Logan's mother had left him alone in the dollar store while she and his sister went into another. You'd have to be beyond oblivious or on something to not take notice of someone yelling(the employee prior to catching Logan), your kid running around, or a kid screaming like Logan claims he was while you're in the same store.


I'm not letting the kid or the parents off on this one. The kid sounds like an absolute nightmare, and I can well believe the parent(s) either dumped him at the store and left of were ignoring his bad behavior.

However, and I can't believe I'm the one who is saying this (I hate children for Christ's sake!), it's not entirely his fault. He's a child. He either doesn't know better, or, if he does, he hasn't internalized the ability to empathize, impulse control, or fact that actions have consequences (which is part of development that children are not automatically capable of from birth). Did he deserve punishment to teach him this fact? Yes.
In the form a beating? No. That doesn't teach him anything other than that the employee is scary.

Think about this. If an adult pitched a fit over whatever and threw a cookie at a cashier (which we all know could happen) would you say the cashier was justified in chasing that person down and beating them with a belt? Particularly if the cashier was much bigger than the custy?
No, we'd all be saying that the cashier should have instead called the police and had the custy charged with assault, rather than assaulting him/her in turn.


I have zero sympathy for the brat. 25 times might be much but he was obviously an undisciplined brat with a bad mom. When I was his age I was made to stay by the cart. If I dared to wander I'd get in trouble. If I acted up in public I got a spanking in public.

The mother is a moron. The worker deserves a medal.


This is another incident where everyone involved was an idiot. It's definitely ok to fantasize about putting the fear of God into the little bastard but actually stooping to an 8 yr old's level is not ok. Show some restraint for fucksake.


Y'all are all missing the most crucial point. This wasn't a spanking with a belt on the butt, it was ACROSS HIS BACK! For me personally, I would've been all high fiving the cashier for a swat with a hand on the butt. 25 strikes, with a belt, on the back? I'd be in jail for manslaughter, because I would've strangled her with that belt and thrown her through a window. Granted, that never would have happened, because my child would NEVER get to that point.

NC Tony

I'm with Nic on this one. I don't care what my son did, if he misbehaved I'll deal with him. Anyone else puts their hands on my kid, I'll put them in the hospital, or the mourgue. But my son (even at eight, he's almost 13 now) knows better than to run like a hellion through the store, and not to be out of my or my wife's eyesight for too long. He's never far away enough that I can't get to him in just a few steps.

Yeah, this kid was being a brat, and probably has a couple of shitty parents, but he didn't deserved to be whipped, especially not by someone who has NO AUTHORITY to discipline him in the first place.

As for the employee, she got what she deserved, and I honestly hope this keeps her from any job where she has to work with the public.


Spanking from parents is one thing. Whipping someone else's child with a belt is just wrong. So wrong I'm pretty sure Cyanide and Happiness had a comic similar to that for one of their Depressing Comics Weeks.


"The science is in. It's been in for a long time now. Spanking DOESN'T WORK. "

Whoever did the supposed 'science' is incompetent. What works depends on the child.

I am the oldest of three children. My parents spanked me exactly once because it had no effect on my behavior - explain to me why it was wrong/a bad idea and as long as it made sense ("I said so" would be interpreted as "there is no reason") I would adjust my behavior accordingly - even at age 2.

One of my brothers on the other hand, spanking was quite literally the only thing that would modify his behavior. Explain why something was a bad idea? He would do it again just to prove you wrong. Ground him? He would do his time (and no, he didn't have a TV, video games, toys etc available when grounded), then repeat whatever got him grounded in the first place. Spank him, and he would stop. Every time. Guaranteed, and he almost never repeated an offense.

The other brother? Grounding was the only thing that worked.

Sales Agent Guy

I have to agree with Zyffyr about the 'Because I said so' part, since that is pretty much making the parent look like they're doing it to be mean.


The biggest key is to, as Zyffyr said, find what works with the kid; then be consistent. I've seen too many parents making what are obviously empty threats to get the kid to behave. The kids know the threats are empty and do whatever they want.

Larry Berry

I do believe that kids can learn to behave from spankings. However, A. it needs to come from a parent as an authority figure to be effective, otherwise it just appears as some crazy person beating you. B. This actually had the opposite effect. Now the kid sees himself being allowed to get away with stuff even more. Due to the employee doing something they knew to be wrong, the kid sees their getting punished (arrested) as validation of his own actions. "Oh what I did was okay" rather than the instruction it could be from a parent. Now obviously the parents don't discipline the kid and that is the problem. If the parent actually wasn't there though, call the cops and report them for child abandonment, that will teach them, and the kid a lesson.


While I don't condone the actions of the employee in the least, as you certainly don't so much as grab someone else's child, I bet that kid will think twice before being a hellspawn in the future.

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