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Blergh! Oh ick...that looks horrid!


Ehn, trying too hard to be fancy. The basic Luther is pretty much just burger patties, cheese, and two glazed donuts for buns. That can work - the savory/sweet/salty mix, while definitely not something you eat regularly, can be a real treat. These guys however, seem to have thought "what makes a burger good?" and "what makes a donut good?" and then just crammed the two together. I don't see veggies working, ESPECIALLY sauteed onions with a donut, and I don't see nutella adding anything to the overall.

Bored at the Bookstore

Blech. Separate the ingredients out, sweet on one side of the plate, and savory on the other; I still wouldn't pay $11.99 for it!


£7.66 for that is a rip-off to start with as for the Burger, it sounds revolting . I came across the Luther in a Wikipedia random walk last week and didn't like the look of it then, with Nutella it seems even worse.


I'd eat it, but I'd ask them to hold the Nutella. That stuff is amazing, but I doubt it'd be good on a burger. Chocolate + hazelnut + burger sounds nasty.

Durango Deli Slave

I think I heard my arteries clog, just from reading that.


Its not much different then eating a monte cristo


Well if someone wants to eat it, more power to them. But I think just smelling that thing(or looking at the actual product) would trigger my gag reflex.

The Last Archimedean

No way. I like a good hamburger but on donuts? That just sounds nasty.


Isn't today (erm, yesterday - the 5th) International Nutella Day or some such thing? That *might* explain it...? Or not. :-P

NC Tony

Durango Deli Slave took the words right out of my mouth. I think I may have had a heart attack just LOOKING at the thing. I can only imagine holding it would make my heart explode... not stop, I mean literally explode.

Jason Thorn

Actually, there is a TV show called Man v. Food on the Travel Channel, where the host tried one just like this. He said it tasted pretty good.

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