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You did fine. You stayed calm. Sure, she probably coukd have gotten thrown out soone, but that's a rhetrospec observation. You proved you were the better person. You won. :)

Spont. Combust

Yeah, I think you handled it as well as you could in that moment.

But I seriously question her parenting if she is throwing a scene like that and shouting out her son's "medical issues" in a public waiting room for everyone to hear, but that's just my opinion. -_-


You handled it very well. You certainly weren't allowed to discuss her son's medical issues with her in the waiting room in front of everyone, and her behavior was inexcusable.


I'm glad you thought to get her banned. I hope you sent a letter outlining why she was banned and that the cops would be notified if she called or came in.

The Last Archimedean

You did quite well. Unfortunately, some people are just a**holes, and this woman is one. Nothing you can do about it, and getting her banned is the best solution because now she won't be able to inflict any more misery on you, your co-workers or the other people waiting for treatment.

Sales Agent Guy

You did all you could, and I'm especially impressed that you were able to protect 'Tia, since some workers aren't that fortunate. The fact she came in there and wouldn't leave until she was done ranting (or saw you were about to call the cops) makes me think she was trying to deliberately push your patience.

Oh, and did she say his _penis?!_

That is one thing I'd never speak of openly about my child!

Queer Geek

You handled it perfectly. If she is being threatning to any member of a clinic or hospital staff, police can be called in to have her removed from the premises. Also, she can threaten a lawsuit but again she'll have to find the money to pay legal fees and from the sound of it, she won't be able to afford hiring a lawyer to pursue it. Nice work!


I'm glad you can get people like that banned. From your description you did what needed to be done. It sounds like if you had gotten confrontational she would have used that as an excuse to get violent. Sometimes you are better off weathering the storm than yelling back, especially if you aren't physically imposing.

NC Tony

I'm not sure who I feel more sorry for:

- you for having to deal with this she-beast in person,
- Tia, for having to listen to this she-beast rant on the phone,
- the other patients for having to watch the she-beast be... a she-beast,
- her kid, for having her for a mother.
- her husband (if she has one) for having to be married to her.

But at least you'll never have to deal with her again.


Looking back, you can see how she acted, and how you acted. From this point of view, you can see other ways the situation might have gone down, and what you could have done differently.

When you were actually IN the situation, however, you did not have this advantage. You had to act on your gut, with little idea of what she was going to do. From that perspective, you did very well; you protected your staff, remained calm, and took action when it became clear it was necessary.

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