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The Last Archimedean

Very good advice. Big retailers in particular should take it. Their bottom lines ain't gonna be hurt by losing the most annoying .01% of scumbag "customers" and the morale of their employees would perk up.


Actually they might improve business by firing more of the problem customers. Better moral means the employees will serve the good customers exponentially better, which will bring in more customers.


I agree, plus, many of the worst customers are cheapskates/scammers/thieves or so overly demanding that they soak up so much employee time that could be used helping customers who are actually going to buy something that they wont return or keeping the store properly stocked/straightened.


I so wish the big retailers would let their stores do this. The rewards of getting rid of the biggest abusers of a company far outweigh the downsides. In my experience, the majority of the worst customers are always the total cheapskates who eat up company time and attention and prevent us from helping others. That guy wasting the employees time and attention and ruining their day isn't spending thousands of dollars a pop. No. You know he's the one who spends $20 at most, and then ends up bitching enough that often he gets more stuff worth twice that for free. Why keep inviting a waste of humanity like that back?


Oh if only. What would also help is big retailers/corp stores stop pulling nonsense on good workers and getting rid of problem workers. Bad employees are just as bad if not worse for a company in the long run. They drive away good customers and agitate the crustys.


Unfortunately, those who rise high in business tend to be somewhat sociopathic, and those who complain a great deal to lower-level minions tend also to be so.

The upper management sees a kindred soul, and extends to them graces that few this side of a saint would deserve.

It's the bad management at least as much as the bad customers, but Forbes can't expect to get away with a list of 'Five Managers You Should Fire' (especially when they who might be doing the firing should be among those fired).



And wait a bean-pickin' minute here. In #1 he says "Skin in the game" clients should be fired, and in #5 he says "success and failure should be a shared experience".

Umm... No, dude. You can't have it both ways.

Furthermore, he's the founder of Inc.com and the writer of the essay - Not just a leetle bit of conflict of interest there?

I think someone who expects to share my success and wash their hands of my failure should get fired as a company.

I wonder if that's why he wrote that - Trying to shift the blame.

Not sympathetic at all.


NC Tony

I can think of some customers (written about here, in both of Freeman's books and the e-books) who should be fired... out of a cannon... into a brick wall. Along with the upper level corporate assholes who cater to them.

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