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I personally nominate the man for a Retail Balls Award and the Nobel Peace Prize.


The hell is wrong with people?


I like how all their fights are them screaming the same thing over and over and over and over and over...

The Last Archimedean

Bravo to the guard. Hopefully if he keeps doing this losers like these moms will get the hint and no longer act like jackasses. But it may take some time behind bars for the lesson to sink in.


I weep for those poor kids. They will grow up thinking that this is how you act in public. This is how future entitlement assholes are made. They learn it from their parents.


If you think that one was bad, check out the other videos that are associated with it. Many videos where the same guard has to pull his handgun because of threats.

Bitch Boy

Crap like this is why I am a FIRM believer in arming retail associates with stun batons...

NC Tony

It's like I said on the FB page, it's too bad he only had one taser. He could have used one for the other loudmouth and the "father" of those kids. I'm with Perky though, I feel sorry for those kids, they see their parents acting like this, and they think it's okay to yell and scream and act like an asshole when they feel that they've been wronged. Of course the other lesson to be learned is be careful who you piss off. This guy just had a taser, the next guy they piss off may have a gun, and not be afraid to use it.

Headset Hellion

I love how the father is upset because mom got tazed "while (his) kids are out there!" Where was this piece of shit when the mom was trying to start a fist fight in front of his kids? All of sudden he wants to be father of the year?!

Retail Psycho

I'm all for the security guard tasing these idiot people. Hopefully while they're in jail they spend some time reading books and getting a vocabulary that will mean future fights are a little more than 3 words repeated ad infinitum. The security guard could use some vocabulary training too.

If it were me I can say that they wouldn't have gotten as many chances to leave as he gave them. It'd be one request to leave, one command to leave and then it'd be on


Even better news, I read that the guard will be receiving 22,000 for his work.
It is sad, the kids are doomed to most likely grow up to be horrible people with parents like that.


I weep for these children. They are being used as pawns, and will learn to use others as pawns.

I hope someone loving will get to them in time.


Crossing my fingers hoping mom and dad ended up in jail while the kids end up with social services.


Retail Psycho, the guard was repetitive because there are only so many words you can say to get your point across without escalating the situation and violating a company's code of conduct and being fired.


I honestly didn't find that the security guards warnings were very professional to begin with. I've noticed that it seems to be a thing within black culture that when fighting verbally you tend to scream the same thing over and over and over each other instead of reasoning or arguing your piece. I mean if I were in a loud argument I would probably have an argument to make, and maybe some name calling and threats, but I'm not likely to repeat the same phrase 12 times in a row. That being said, I'm not sure the guard saying more stuff would have helped considering the women argue the same way.


Forget about a tazer; I think a bazooka would be warranted in situations like this.


BTW, I watched some videos of macaws screaming just to get my IQ back up.

The macaws had better arguments


Here's how to get one of the women to shut up. You notice where the camera was, right? Threaten to put pics of their tits all over the net.

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