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Eh...I wouldn't want to risk being sued for vandalizing private property (people would claim that for sure) I'd be more into it if they were window clings.

Retired from Hell

Where do I get some?

1st timer

It's not really vandalizing, as it is not permanent damage. A bottle of goo gone or any other product specifically purposed for the removal of stickers will do the trick. (found at any hellmart, auto store, most gas stations, truck stops, bullseyes, art/hobby stores, etc etc ect) Perhaps taking time to remove the sticker will give these asshats a moment to reflect and learn not to park like a douche. Karma is a bitch, y'all.

NC Tony

I'd rather get a bunch of cards made up that say that and stick em under the windshield wipers or tape them to the windows/door handles, since a little piece of scotch tape won't do any permanent damage.

The Worst

d - It won't ruin the window because, as 1st timer said, it's easy enough to remove. It's just an inconvenience - similar to the one they caused by parking like an inconsiderate douchenozzle.


While the sticker is basically right, (Except the bit about the car not being special. CL63 AMG? Yes please!!) I think this is vandalism. This particular person may have put it on a window, but you'll eventually get some idiot/a$$ that will ruin someone's paint with one.


The Stickers should be available with The written side sticking so (or The Text is written in both sides. So you can Tap it on The windscreen and The parking a#%*<@e have to read it on and on Till he or she removes it.

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