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Kati Taylor

This isn't funny. It smacks of fat shaming and isn't ok.

Size Queen

Kati are you saying I'm fat because I wear an xl? Have you seen how small small is nowadays? Stop shaming me Katie, it isn't ok.

Damn Yankee

I don't think it's fat shaming. I think they're poking fun at the people who are completely unaware of their body. I've seen too many people stuff themselves in clothes that don't fit, aren't flattering, and can't be fastened, just so they can say they wear X size. Or they scream at the fitting room slave because X size fit them at The Other Store, or it fit them five years ago.

If your ass fits in an XL, rock it. Don't stuff it into a M or S, and look trashy. Wear what flatters your body, for pete's sake.

The Last Archimedean

DY, someone could make a metric ton of money -- and I mean when you take all their wealth, put it in the form of $100 bills, and weigh them, it weighs a metric ton -- by starting a women's clothing store called Size Two. Everything in it, no matter how big or small the outfit, would have a label on it saying size 2, and whether you weigh a hundred pounds soaking wet or are a SSBBW, you could be wearing a size 2. And it would carry clothing that would fit all shapes and sizes of females.

Kati Taylor

Size Queen, I'm not sure if you are mocking me or if you genuinely didn't understand. On the off chance that you misunderstood, I"m a size XL-2XL so I'm sure as sugar not going to shame you for your size.

What I mean is, clearly a size small is not going to fit somebody who wears a size xl in the same line, that isn't judgement, that's fact. When you suggest that someone who is an xl try on a size small, you are using their weight as something funny and that falls into the catergory of fat shaming. I can't say for sure and certain, not knowing what brand this is, but I'd bet that their size small doesn't suggest they should try on a size xl. Even if it did, it is still shaming as you'd then have a thin person wearing a shirt that is clearly too large like, "ha ha, I'm swimming in this, so how fat must they be?!" and that isn't ok.

It also hints at body policing, like someone should be embarrassed to wear an xl, rather than it just being a fact.


Meh, I wouldn't say this is offensive...it's not all that funny either, but I think that's what they were going for.



Someone already thought of that. Look up 'vanity sizing'

Soft Ice Girl

Humph? I genuinely laughed at this and don´t think it´s fat shaming. XL clothes do not necessarily cater to fat people, but also to big/tall people.
I get that someone who has experienced fat shaming will feel hurt by this, but I don´t think this is the intention.
In my eyes, the intention is to simply make tall people imagine they would dress up in a size S.
Don´t you laugh your asses off on a beach when big guys squeeze into a girl´s tube top, which makes them look like a sausage and they need help in order to get out of it, and no one helps them because everybody is laughing so hard?
And don´t you laugh when you stumble upon clothes from your childhood? And then you kinda try to wiggle into the pants and you manage to get your knees in and that´s that? And then you trip over them and fall over?
Again, I get that this tag may trigger the feeling of getting fat-shamed, and while this may be due to the designer being oblivious of that, which would be insensitive, I don´t think that it is malicious.

Obsidian Dragonwing

@Kati Damn Yankee has it right. The company is Toddland, the founder/owner is my old RA from college. If you look at their line of products, it puts his sense of humor in perspective.

I'm a big guy myself, and I routinely mock my own weight. Besides, wearing an XL doesn't always mean you are overweight. I routinely have to go up one size in casual tops simply because I am too tall for my actual size to fit properly. Even when I hit my goal weight(70lbs down, 50 to go), I will still be wearing L-XL simply because of my frame. I'm self aware enough to know how big I am, but I can find humor in almost anything. You should see my truffle shuffle.


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