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NC Tony

The people with their heads jammed firmly up their asses will be the ones protesting this.

Kinda reminds me of something that happened many years ago. A friend of mine just had her first kid. We were sitting in a popular hangout (now long gone) when the baby started fussing. My friend casually adjusted her shirt, popped open a flap on her nursing bra and fed the baby. Nobody else said anything or batted an eye. Except for one person who walked by and kind of gave her a funny look. That brought up the topic of the three types of people nursing mothers will encounter:

1. The immature people who will be thinking "Heh, heh, I can see her boobs!";
2. The stupid, stuck up people who will be thinking, "Oh my God, I can't believe she's doing that in public. How disgusting.";
3. The rare, rational person who will understand and won't say anything, do anything or stare.

If people are so anxious to see boobs, you can find them on the internet within five minutes (back when this happened though, the internet was in it's infancy, so finding porn was a bit more difficult), and if you don't want to see them, well, it's not like nursing mothers are standing around saying "I'm going to take my breast out now and feed my child, please don't look at me!" Most of them (my wife included back when my son was an infant) try to be discreet about it.

Knowing our society, some idiot group will get up in arms about it and (try to) get the ad pulled.


Admittedly I don't have a kid yet.

That being said, I think a balance should be reached. You should not have to cower in a corner under a tent, but you shouldn't pop one out into the open and attach a kid like a calf to an udder either.

A little decorum would have saved that poor waiter from the awkwardness. A small cloth to cover up the action, I think, would have been a better way to make everyone else feel a bit more comfortable.


Thing is, why is it so awkward? I did comment on this topic before and I did say: to be courteous a women should wear a cover or try to be modest. This sometimes doesn't always work as some babies don't like that. And a women shouldn't have to be forced to cover up if she really doesn't want to.

I look forward to the day where breasts can still be seen as something sexual, but thats in a certain situation. In public where a woman is feeding her child, it should be that breasts are what they are: devices for producing milk to feed a baby. Nothing else.
It'll be nice for one day the situation in the commercial would go like this (but in real life): Waiter is surprised that the woman is breastfeeding and but then goes about doing his business and doesn't give it another thought. OR. Better yet, has no reaction at ALL. It's going to take some time for this but i hope we see it.
And While I agree women should try to be modest about it, they shouldn't be forced to.


While I have two kids, I didn't breastfeed. Not without trying though, just didn't work in our favor.

That being said, I have no problem with women breastfeeding their babies, as long as it's modest enough. Whipping out full boobage might strike me as awkward, but if you are careful enough, it doesn't look horrible. When the baby has to eat, the baby has to eat.

I use to go to a church where the mother breastfed all her kids. (And believe me, she was popping one out ever 1-2 years, last count I heard she was pregnant with her 8th kid. They can afford it apparently, though I bet they use a lot of hand-me-downs.) She would breastfeed in the middle of church if needed. Always had a blanket over her top half, and half the time you couldn't even see her "setting" up. She was a pro at it afterall. No one ever complained there expect for one old bitchy lady.

With all the tube tops, tank tops, halter tops, bikini tops, and whatever else tops in this world, I can't believe people still bitch about women breastfeeding a baby in public. It's what boobs are for, they are not for show or play (though, that is a benefit, I suppose.)


Check out this site: http://babysling.com/

That's the best solution I know for breastfeeding in public. No one can see anything, and baby is totally secure and can't be dropped {which was one of my biggest worries as a young mom}.


Having worked in a store for babies, I'd take a woman breastfeeding in public over having to pretend I'm not about to lose my lunch due to the smell of the load a custy's kid has in his diaper....which, of course, the custy is in no hurry to change. Toxic funk and her child's comfort will just have to wait until she makes the all important decision of what outfit he'll be wearing in the family Christmas card photo!


I remember this ad. BTDT though with my first I really did not care. No one ever said anything but if they had I would have asked why they were leering so hard at something very natural trying to sneak a peek at some milk swollen flesh?


never had kids, but I know that when a kid is hungry, they want it NOW. There are city laws here that say that women can walk around topless, just so women can breastfeed without any fuss, though, that really isn't how the law is used... *sigh* women shouldn't be embarrassed about the way God intended them to feed their children. All mammals do it and we are the only beings that seem to have a problem with it.


It seems for all the intelligence we humans have over the other animals, there's things like people thinking breastfeeding is a shameful thing that just brings the level of intelligence down and animals beat us in the category for instances like that.

Book Baby

I breast fed both of my boys and fed them everywhere. I was casual about it and didn't make a big deal about it. I also wore bras that WEREN'T nursing bras, just a sports style. I just slid the side up, attached the baby and continued on with business.

The ONLY time I had any problems with it was in a restaurant. Our waiter was about 17 and didn't realize what I was doing until he came up to take my order. I am well endowed (40 DD) and he didn't know where to look even though there was almost nothing to see. My friend, a dear lady old enough to be my mom (who has since passed on), and I got a huge laugh out of this AFTER the poor kid had left our area!

The Last Archimedean

If the kid is hungry, the kid is hungry. I see no problem with breastfeeding, whetehr you're in public or not.


MahiMahi; animals also offload last night's dinner wherever they happen to be standing too. Not a good comparison.

I don't have a problem with it... don't even wish they'd cover up. Would be hot under a blanket, wouldn't blame the kid for not liking it.

"She's already ordered". Heh.


Men wander around shirtless in public all the time. Why are their nipples somehow exempt from obscenity?

What it is about woman's breasts that make them so much more offensive?

Still, "no shirt, no service" still applies. Not all biological processes can or should be indulged in public (As Techtyger mentioned). Just because nobody can see you under the blanket, does that make it okay to piss or poop into a bucket? Sometimes when you have to go, you have to go...

Hafta ask, Pi-Finder, at what age of those fed does it become inappropriate to breast-feed them in public?

That's a loaded question all about fuzzy gray lines...



As for the inappropriateness of age fed in public, as they get bigger and want to eat more solid foods while still breastfeeding - they start breastfeeding less and less. Like you may only nurse them still right before bed. And once they become verbal and you can reason a little with them you can tell them that breastfeeding is only for home.

Women's breasts are sexualized in the US while men's nipples are not - that's why it's so offensive. And anything that has to do with sex had BETTER NOT EVER be in proximity to children because OMG PEDOPHILIA. Even though that's completely ridiculous in the context of nursing an infant.


This reminds me of when I was nursing my second child. We were on a trip to a family reunion and I was discreetly feeding in the back of the car at a rest stop. My mother went into the gift shop and bought me a scarf "for later" because "They just don't do that in Minnesota (insert most passive aggressive MN tone you can imagine)"


I do hate the whole men women thing. Even more so: men can walk around shirtless no problem, but a woman wouldn't really be able to walk around even with just a bra... Why must we be more like objects? I agree with most people here. Breasts are meant to feed a baby. And I doubt seeing a baby latched on to a breast will shock anyone. Most kids will have seen one up close anyway.. >.<


Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with it. All the women I've seen/noticed in public breastfeeding were doing it discretely and in more than one case, that seemed to be more for the comfort of the baby than anything.

The only issue I have with breastfeeding on whole is with those moms that never stop, even after their kid is in elementary school. Breastfeeding is for feeding a baby. When your kid is old enough to verbally tell you exactly what they want to eat, they don't need breast milk anymore.


Breast feeding is recommended for minimum 6 months to a year, but up to 5 years.

As for the attaching the child like a calf to an udder, seriously? THAT'S WHAT IT IS!!!!! This is just, wow. Be happy the mom is doing what is best for the child.

As for the modesty, that's a really vague term, but then a while back someone posted a picture of a mom with her jacket zipped up, and made fun of it. So I ask, what is modesty? Covering up the baby's face? Do you eat with a towel over your head?

I'm sorry, I just don't understand why this is ever an issue. This is why the nipple baby hat is popular.


I'm just going to bypass the argument I'm going to assume is going on in the comments (there are always trolls) and just say this: I loved this ad. I laughed my ass off the first time I saw it. The second time I saw it was in front of a YouTube video, the kind you can skip after 5 seconds, and I didn't skip it because I still find it hilarious. I don't really think the breastfeeding is necessarily the issue at hand, they're just using it as a front for the real issue: parents are always uptight when they have their first kid, but by the time the second kid rolls around, they're pros. They know what to do and how to best do it - and they buy Luv's diapers to show just how pro they really are! lol

Anyone that has a problem with this commercial must have their head so far up their own asses that I'm surprised their heads aren't being slowly digested.


Who cares if people feed their kids in public. Far as I am concerned people should be able to walk about nude, or not whichever their preference is.

Su Chan

Given that you can see far more flesh any night of the week in the clubs, or down at the beach, I think anyone complaining about indecency needs a hypocrisy check.

...and not all infants like having their heads covered either. Some don't mind it and some hate it and will act up. That's not a solution for everyone.

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