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The Last Archimedean

Now I'm a fan of Mondays. Fat girls are awesome. They have sweet personalities and I also find them more physically attractive than skinny girls.

Obviously, not every female on the planet will fit within my generalization. I'm sure somewhere out there there exists a very sweet girl who happens to be skinny and a fat girl who happens to be a total b*tch. But based on personal experience, I have found that 99% of the time it's the twigs who have an entitlement complex the size of Texas.

[And all of us RHUers are all nice -- to each other at least. We let people who deserve it have holy hell -- certainly Burger Bitch does.]


Glad to read TLA's post. My high school years were spent as the fat girl who loved horses and wouldn't let anyone cheat...

Signed, Monday

obviously still a liiiitle bitter about highschool

If Monday was a girl, it would be one of those bitch twigs with a post-hangover glazed expression and excessively 'fun' hair. Not that it matters, because Monday hasn't read the material and can't contribute to a meaningful discussion anyway.


Well, this Monday preferred unicorns, vampires, and werewolves to horses, thank you very much.


What's wrong with liking horses? Bah!! I hate cheats.. I'd probably tell if someone was cheating on me. I'm skinny, though. Genes. Lovely customer once enquired about my weight and told me I needed to eat. What a lovely customer.. >.< Co-worker than asked if I was anorexic! Yay me.


I'm more of a Thursday girl.


Yay sexism!


Sexism AND fatism, Chica.

The Last Archimedean

The irony there, Jami, is that heavier women are [as a general rule] the type of people all my sane friends -- both male and female -- would choose to spend a social evening with. They tend to be better conversationalists than men and much sweeter than skinny women. So if the intent was to make Mondays sound like something bad the person who wrote the graffito used a piss-poor choice for a negative example. A much better choice for a negative example would be a stereotypical testosterone-fueled male sexist pig.

The Worst

I am Monday. Except for about a month in seventh grade when I let this girl copy my homework every day because she said she was just "checking her answers" and I was a moron and believed her.

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