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So is this what we are back to. Mocking fat people and not just adults anymore mocking children.


It isn't really mocking. It's annoyance. Why would the kid leap on the bench? And maybe the kid wouldn't be so fat if the parents fed him properly.. It annoys me so much when parents let their kids eat whatever, whenever. I won't mock the kid because he's fat, but not mocking won't make him healthier.


How do you know what the kid does and doesnt eat. It was a shoestore so the kids eating habits were not observed. You have no clue why people might be large and you only assume.

Bra Bitch stated 5 people were on the bench and just assumed it was a fat kid who broke it. Now her coworker did say he took a flying leap fair enough ill take that into account. But even then a fat kid is still no larger then an average adult especially if they are still small enough to take flying leaps.

So in short yes it is mocking.

The Last Archimedean

Kel, get off your high horse.

Bra Bitch didn't actually see what happened. She asked her employee what happened.

The employee told her the kid took a flying leap and with 4 people already sitting on the bench, the impact of the flying leap broke the bench. I don't know why you're so pissed off. The kid did something that broke the bench, that's a FACT. There's nothing "mocking" about it. S*** happens, the kid was a bit out of control and ruined a bench. Benches are designed for sitting, not to absorb flying leaps.

Not the first time some kid broke some equipment in a store and it won't be the last.

Bra bitch

Let me make something very clear. I'm not mocking but I can see how one may think so. No I don't know the kids eating habits. The fact this kid was about 7 or 8 and looked like he weighed as much as I do, yes makes me describe him in a certain way. The point was of my story that this kid, yeah took a running leap which was not unnatural to happen with kids of any size and the leg snapped right off. And I actually misspoke in my post. Mom dad and grandma were sitting on a bench NEXT to the kid and the broken bench so he was actually the only one there meaning it didn't just break by weight over 5 people. Yeah shit happens and any time some kid destroys things in MY store with no repercussions I'll describe as a little bastard. Sorry


@bra bitch - I actually figured that the kid broke the bench on his own, which made the fact that none of the adults offered to pay for it that much more annoying.

@Kel - take a breath and chill. This rather rotund child broke a bench with the force of his own flying bulk. Seriously the first thing that came to mind when reading this was how f'n big was this kid to snap off a metal bench arm. NOT, shame on bra bitch for mocking this poor weight challenged boy. This kid is large either because of a health issue or poor diet. Either way his parents failed to control him and failed to take responsibility for what he did.


No high horse I an sick of it being socielly acceptable to mock someones weight. The name of the submission is piggy and the kid is referred to as fat ass several times.

Hellspawn all the way but its still mocking someone for their weight and thats disgusting.


Kel stop being pissy just because you are fat yourself.....


Thank you for making my point Raz.

Damn Yankee

"Piggy" as referred to in RHU means a slob or out of control crusty. There's photos on here labelled "Piggy Shopper" that just means they tore the fuck out of an aisle or somesuch.

Good grief.

Damn Yankee


And here's the whole damn list. See, right in the URL. PIGGY.


Nobody would imagine a small child breaking a bench. Saying the kid was fat not only describes him but explains HOW a child could break a METAL bench leg!

Calm your tits!

Michael Chandra

If the weight hadn't been pointed, bet Kel would have gone "no way a kid's weight would be able to break a bench".

"I an sick of it being socielly acceptable to mock someones weight." And that has nothing to do with this post. But you refuse to respond to arguments that the mention of the weight was necessary here. You even immediately decided to basically call the OP and her coworker a liar for blaming the kid for the damage, while even the PARENT pretty much acknowledged that the kid was to blame. If you are so high-strung on something that you decide ignoring reality and calling people liars without any proof that they are, then YES you oughta get off your high horse. You want an outcry about people mocking others their weight? Sure, go ahead, BUT ONLY WHEN IT ACTUALLY APPLIES!


I didn't object to Bra Bitch's description or story. I do, however, strongly object to this statement:
"I won't mock the kid because he's fat, but not mocking won't make him healthier."

When the hell are we as a society going to get over the idea that fat-shaming is a way to get people healthy?


I'm on your bench, Kel. Would the story be different if it were a child of normal weight? Would BB have left that part out if it were?


Benches are strong. I am pretty sure there would be AT LEAST one person on this comments section saying BUT BRA BITCH! Benches are strong and made to handle 3 to 4, even 5 or more people. How could a child break it? Are you sure there wasn't something wrong with it before the kid jumped on it?
Now, I will admit, she could have chosen her wording better but she simply pointed out a factor that was key as to what happened. The only way for that to happen with a child of normal weight would have been if there were too many people on the bench already before the kid leapt onto it.
And yes, it does suck a lot that it's okay for there to be discrimination against overweight people. That is not okay.

Bra bitch

The bench was completely fine before hand. And in the year that I had worked in that particular store had never ever had an issue like this. Yes these benches were strong and not light by any means. And yeah are built to withstand several people sitting at any given time. Could I have worded it better? Yeah probably. The main thing that enrages me about this particular story isn't even really that the kid broke it. It's the way the parent handled it. At the same time, would it have broken if the kid wasn't screwing around and jumped on it initially when they entered the store and sat on it like a normal human? Probably not


Chicajojobe: Dear goodness, I really worded that badly. Sorry.
What I meant was I wouldn't mock someone because of their weight, but that doesn't somehow make them any skinnier.. Or something. I think I meant that just because the OP says 'fat kid' does not necessarily mean she mocks him, and trying hard not to say 'fat' won't magically mean he isn't. I would never shame a fat person!


Fat rant by a bitch. A bra bitch. YOUR bench must have meant a great deal to you for you to get so upset. You probably had to close the store down. Paying for it out of your own pocket while you missed all those hours of work must have been rough too. You neglected to mention your engineering degree and must be unfamiliar with how children act. But of course it WAS because of the little fatty piggy.

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