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I'm pretty sure it's a lot more than 15. When you drink water there are probably particles of urine, feces, and corpses too. Mmmmmm tasty tasty water. :)

Sadie The Cleaning Lady

I wonder how many penises I touch a day, considering I clean men's torts/change rooms for a living...

Sadie The Cleaning Lady

I meant to say toilets. Damn autocorrect!


I think I'm supposed to gather from this that penises are inherently unclean? I'm pretty sure that could psychologically damage me to the point of interfering with me ever having a meaningful relationship with a man. You know, if I was in any way a germaphobe.

Also that's why spring water tastes so delicious!

Kitsap Charles

@Skittles, W.C. Fields used to say, "Water? Never touch the stuff. Fish f*ck in it."

The water at my home comes directly from a 160-foot deep well. Yummy.


I was biting my finger as I read this. Lol.


A person's hands would come in contact with a lot more assholes than that anyway...in both meanings of the term.


That's why I keep hand sanitizer behind the counter. You never know how many of those one dollar bills were shoved into the thong of a stripper, male or female.


@photoslave thongdollaz are the best money. lol

The Worst

Suddenly, I am suspicious of every single object in my vicinity.


I'd imagine for most people that your wang is cleaner than your hands... it's just chilling in your pants all day.


on a side note to my previous comment- today I recieved a 20 that was rolled so tightly that it kept rolling back up in the drawer. I washed my hands immediately in case it was used to snort coke. Not worried so much about the drug residue. More worried about the thought that it may have been in a nose.

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